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Topic : Vertébrés
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Field : Zoologie
Variant subject headings : Caudiverbera (latin)
Vertebrata (latin)
Vertebrati (italien)

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Parenté et diversité des organismes

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How vertebrates moved onto land
Le déplacement des vertébrés
Anatomie des vertébrés, dissections latérales
Biologie, programme de sixième VIII
Biologie, programme de sixième V

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Le plan d'organisation des vertébrés
Le déplacement des vertébrés
Le déplacement des vertébrés
Naissances 2
La dissection des vertébrés
Ralenti en rayons X
Locomotion et rayons X

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Vertebrate life
Across the bridge
West southwest
Dinosaurs, birds, and pterosaurs of Korea
The skeleton revealed
Book of bones
Evolution of the brain, cognition, and emotion in vertebrates
Paléontologie des vertébrés du Maroc
Comparative physiology of the vertebrate kidney
Carrion ecology, evolution, and their applications
Atlas des vertébrés
The Vertebrate Integument Volume 2
Vertebrate Myogenesis
The vertebrate blood-gas barrier in health and disease
Snakes of Italy
Tier- und Humanphysiologie
Flight of Mammals
Chemical signals in vertebrates
La Brea and beyond
Great transformations in vertebrate evolution
La grande galerie des squelettes
The Vertebrate Integument Volume 1
Neural crest cells
Early evolutionary history of the Synapsida
Vertebrate photoreceptors
Functional organization of vertebrate plasma membrane
Late Cretaceous/Paleogene West Antarctica terrestrial biota and its intercontinental affinities
Behavioral lateralization in vertebrates
Chemical signals in vertebrates 12
Bone histology of fossil tetrapods
The retina
Ontogeny and phylogeny of the vertebrate heart
Atlante di anatomia microscopica dei vertebrati
Oxidative stress in vertebrates and invertebrates
Vertebrate biology
Footmarks of innate immunity in the ovary and cytokeratin-positive cells as potential dendritic cells
Insects and wildlife
Respiratory physiology of vertebrates
Atlas of comparative sectional anatomy of 6 invertebrates and 5 vertebrates
What your fossils can tell you
Keys to the nematode parasites of vertebrates
Muscles of vertebrates
How vertebrates left the water
Airway chemoreceptors in the vertebrates
The skeletal system
The Welfare of Animals
Chinese Fishes
Quantitative conservation of vertebrates
Vertebrate life
Cardio-respiratory control in vertebrates
Laboratory studies of vertebrate and invertebrate embryos
Orientation and navigation in vertebrates
Orientation and navigation in vertebrates
Avian embryology
Vertebrados del plioceno superior terminal en el suroeste de Europa
Faune sauvage de l'Aveyron
Analyzing animal societies
Les vertébrés du Miocène supérieur de Soblay, Ain, France
Systématique, paléontologie et biologie évolutive moderne
Geology and vertebrate paleontology of western and southern North America, contributions in honor of David P. Whistler
Vertebrate microfossil assemblages
Left-right asymmetry in vertebrate development
Origin and evolution of the vertebrate telencephalon, with special reference to the mammalian neocortex
Textbook of in vivo, imaging in vertebrates
Left-right asymmetry in vertebrate development
Les animaux vertébrés
Neptune's ark
Terrestrial and freshwater vertebrates of the Seychelles islands
Major transitions in vertebrate evolution
Vertebrate conservation and biodiversity
Evolution of nervous systems Volume 2
Jurassic West
Origin and evolution of the vertebrate telencephalon, with special reference to the mammalian neocortex
The dissection of vertebrates
Vertebrate conservation and biodiversity
La reproduction des vertébrés
Exploring the vertebrate central cholinergic nervous system
CSIRO list of australian vertebrates
Vertebrate hair cells
Reviews and Protocols in DT40 Research
Vertebrate genomes
Chemical ecology of vertebrates
Retinal development
Invasions biologiques et extinctions
Étude paléoécologique du site paléontologique miocène de Contres (Loir-et-Cher, France)
Vertebrate hair cells
Chemical signals in vertebrates 10
Planar cell polarization during development
Chemical signals in vertebrates 10
Comparative vertebrate neuroanatomy
Muscular systems of vertebrates
Rise and fall of epithelial phenotype
Individus et espèces
Renal structure and function in vertebrates
Comparative vertebrate cognition
The vertebrate organizer
Recent advances in the origin and early radiation of vertebrates
Biodiversity response to climate change in the middle Pleistocene
The red book
Étude taphonomique du site Miocène de La Guimardière (Maine-et-Loire, France)
Annotated bibliography of quaternary vertebrates of Northern North America
Vomeronasal chemoreception in vertebrates
Vertebrate ecophysiology
Vertebrate biomechanics and evolution
Patterning in vertebrate development
Los vertebrados fósiles en la historia de la vida
Petite faune vertébrée du Sahara
Vertebrate myogenesis
Osmoregulation and drinking in vertebrates
Endocrines and osmoregulation
Functional morphology of the vertebrate respiratory systems
In quest of Great lakes Ice age vertebrates
Colbert's Evolution of the vertebrates
Index faunistique de Guyane française I
Mesozoic vertebrate life
Functional anatomy of the vertebrates
Chemical signals in vertebrates 9
Phylogenetic perspectives on the vertebrate immune system
Analysis of vertebrate structure
Chinese fossil vertebrates
Major events in early vertebrate evolution
Eocene biodiversity
Vertebrate mating systems
Biologie animale
Hemoglobin function in vertebrates
Annotated bibliography of Colorado vertebrate zoology, 1776-1995
Advances in vertebrate palaeontology
La faune miocène de Sansan et son environnement
Evolution of herbivory in terrestrial vertebrates
Australia's lost world
Vertebrate palaeontology
Vertebrate phototransduction and the visual cycle
Nematode parasites of vertebrates
Vertebrate eye development
Vertebrate phototransduction and the visual cycle
Osmorégulation et excrétion
Faune sauvage de Lozère
Biologie animale
A practical guide to vertebrate mechanics
Vertebrate life
Advances in chemical signals in vertebrates
Wildlife of Gondwana
Reproductive and developmental effects of contaminants in oviparous vertebrates
Dictionnaire russe-français de paléontologie des vertébrés
Fossil vertebrates of Arabia
Molecular embryology
The Holocene history of the European vertebrate fauna
The central nervous system of vertebrates
CSIRO list of Australian vertebrates
Handbook of vertebrate immunology
Comparative vertebrate reproduction
La faune de la France Tome 10
Predation in vertebrate communities
Handbook of vertebrate immunology
Monitoring vertebrate populations
Monitoring vertebrate populations
Comparative vertebrate endocrinology
Biologie animale
Molecular basis of axon growth and nerve pattern formation
Ecology and conservation of great plains vertebrates
Patterns and processes of vertebrate evolution
Vertebrate palaeontology
Long-term studies of vertebrate communities
The acquisition of motor behavior in vertebrates
Précis d'anatomie comparée crânio-faciale des Vertébrés
Miniature vertebrates
Limb regeneration
Early vertebrates
The terrestrial Eocene-Oligocene transition in North America
Before the backbone
Funktionelle Ähnlichkeiten zwischen Nervensystemen von Vertebraten und Invertebraten
Les squelettes de dinosaures
Bibliography of fossil vertebrates
Vertebrate fossils and the evolution of scientific concepts
Réspiration, circulation, système immunitaire
Organization of the early vertebrate embryo
Comparative physiology of the vertebrate digestive system
Exkursionsfauna von Deutschland Band 3
Premiers vertébrés et vertébrés inférieurs
Fossil vertebrates from western North America and Mexico
Functional morphology in vertebrate paleontology
Bibliography of fossil vertebrates
Bibliography of fossil vertebrates
Bibliography of fossil vertebrates
Bibliography of fossil vertebrates
Notes and comments on vertebrate paleontology
Bibliography of fossil vertebrates
Vertebrate zoology
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