Topic : Oligopoles
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Variant subject headings : Monopoles partiels
Oligopoli (italien)

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Equilibrium theory for Cournot oligopolies and related games
Corporate power, oligopolies, and the crisis of the state
Nonlinear oligopolies
Transnationale netzwerke im 20. Jahrhundert
Oligarchs and oligopolies
US and EC oligopoly control
Oligopoly dynamics
Oligopoly pricing
Game theory and economic behaviour
New industrial economics and experiences from European merger control, new lessons about collective dominance ?
Oligopoly and dynamic competition
Oligopoly and technical progress
Strategic aspects of oligopolistic vertical integration
The megacorp & [and] macrodynamics
Strategy and market structure
Imperfect competition and international trade
A theory of the firm in economic space
The economics of oligopolistic competition
Oligopolistischer Wettbewerb und internationaler Handel
Strategic aspects of oligopolistic vertical integration
Dynamic models of oligopoly
Monopolistic competition and international trade
Oligopoly theory
The new industrial organization
Rivalrous consonance
Équilibre de Cournot dans les grands marchés
Rivalrous consonance
Sélection et pouvoir dans la nouvelle économie industrielle
Les Oligopoles et le droit
Competition and regulation
Strategy, predation, and antitrust analysis
An experiment in noncooperative oligopoly
Market structure and behavior
The development of the television network oligopoly

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