1100-1500 (moyen anglais)

Topic : 1100-1500 (moyen anglais)
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Lyric tactics
The Birgittines of Syon Abbey
Devotional literature and practice in medieval England
Simple forms
Sanctity as literature in late medieval Britain
Contextualizing miracles in the Christian West, 1100-1500
Fantasies of the other's body in middle English oriental romance
Fatherhood and its representations in Middle English texts
Scribit Mater
A late fifteenth-century dominical sermon cycle
Poetics of the Incarnation
Medieval autographies
The presence of medieval English literature
Betwixt "engelaunde" and "englene londe"
After Arundel
Writing to the king
Metadiscourse in Middle English and early modern English religious texts
Poverty in late Middle English literature
The N-Town play drama and liturgy in medieval East-Anglia
The laity, the church and the mystery plays
Understanding genre and medieval romance
Memory, images, and the English Corpus Christi drama
The aesthetics of Antichrist
Literature and complaint in England, 1272-1553
Medieval women's writing
Reading in the wilderness
Parliament and literature in late medieval England
Medieval English comedy
A repertorium of Middle English prose sermons
John Mirk's Festial
Mindful spirit in late medieval literature
Books under suspicion
Manuscripts and ghosts
"Ancrene Wisse"
El ciclo de York
Middle English saints' legends
The Middle English mystery play
Textual subjectivity
Intersections of sexuality and the divine in Medieval culture
Medieval lyric
False fables and exemplary truth in later Middle English literature
Approaching medieval English anchoritic and mystical texts
A companion to Middle English prose
Pulp fictions of medieval England
The English prose treatises of Richard Rolle
Imagining Robin Hood
Gender and medieval drama
Three alliterative saints' hymns
Apocryphal texts and traditions in Anglo-Saxon England
Everyday saints and the art of narrative in the South English legendary
The Middle English "Mirror"
Four Middle English sermons
Staging faith
Prologues et épilogues dans la littérature anglaise au Moyen âge
Poetry does theology
Holy and noble beasts
The spirit of medieval English popular romance
Faith, ethics and Church
Writing religious women
Humor in British literature, from the Middle Ages to the Restoration
Visions of the Other World in Middle English
Proceedings of the 9th international conference of the Spanish society for medieval English language and literature
English Wycliffite sermons Vol. V
English Wycliffite sermons Vol. IV
Fictions of advice
"Ancrene wisse", the Katherine group, and the Wooing group
Literature and religion in the later Middle Ages
Male authors, female readers
The Devil's rights and the Redemption in the literature of Medieval England
Chaucer and the mystics
A study and edition of selected Middle English sermons
English mystics of the Middle Ages
Late-medieval religious texts and their transmission
"Everyman" and medieval miracle plays
Two Wycliffite texts
Christ's Body
"Many a song and many a leccherous lay"
Typology and English medieval literature
The middle English verse love epistle
Die mittelenglische Pastourelle
Chaucer and medieval preaching
Early English devotional prose and the female audience
Chaucer's general prologue to the "Canterbury Tales"
The doctrine of compunction in medieval England
English Wycliffite sermons 03
English Wycliffite sermons Volume 1
Ratio and invention
Patterns of divine comedy
Lollard sermons
Geschichte und Vorgeschichte der englischen Liebeslyrik des Mittelalters
English Wycliffite sermons 02
Vizi capitali e pianeti in un sermone del Cinquecento inglese
Social and political dimensions of the English Corpus Christi drama
The " Wisdom" symposium
Preachers, poets, and the early English lyric
Middle English prose
Medieval English religious and ethical literature
The Popular literature of medieval England
Ten fifteenth-century comic poems
Historisch-politische Gedichte in England Edwards I
The Native tongue and the world
Il Cerchio magico
Poetry of the passion
Die Frauenklage
An Understanding of love according to the anchoress Julian of Norwich
English Wycliffite sermons
Style and consciousness in Middle English narrative
Spätmittelalterliche geistliche Literatur in der Nationalsprache : [international congress held in the Cultural centre of the collegiate church of Mattsee from 20 to 23 may 1983], Bd 1
English Wycliffite sermons 1
The Late medieval religious plays of Bodleian Mss Digby 133 and E. Museo 160
Sieben politische Gedichte der Hs. B.L. Harley 2253
Verses in sermons
Quattuor sermones
The university world
English religious drama of the Middle Ages
Representative English comedies Volume I

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