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Topic : Colloïdes
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Field : Chimie
Variant subject headings : Colloidi (italien)
Gelées (solutions colloïdales)
Gels (solutions colloïdales)
Sols (solutions colloïdales)
Solutions colloïdales

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Functional hydrogels in drug delivery
Colloid and interface chemistry for water quality control
Introduction to applied colloid and surface chemistry
Gels handbook
Physical-chemical mechanics of disperse systems and materials
Fluids, colloids, and soft materials
Encyclopedia of biocolloid and biointerface science
Interfacial phenomena and colloid stability
Particle-stabilized emulsions and colloids
The sol-gel handbook
Colloidal organization
Sol-Gel Science
Formulation of disperse systems
Colloid and interface science in pharmaceutical research and development
Colloidal foundations of nanoscience
The role of colloidal systems in environmental protection
Surfactant science and technology
Functional molecular gels
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Soil colloids
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Emulsions, foams, suspensions, and aerosols
Physics of complex colloids
Emulsion formation and stability
Polymeric and Self Assembled Hydrogels
Encyclopedia of colloid and interface science
Dispersion of powders in liquids and stabilization of suspensions
Sol-Gel processing for conventional and alternative energy
Colloidal dispersions under slit-pore confinement
UK Colloids 2011
Colloids and the depletion interaction
Microgel suspensions
High solid dispersions
Colloids in cosmetics and personal care
Colloids in paints
Colloids in drug delivery
Colloids in paints
Biopolymers in food colloids
Trends in colloid and interface science XXIII
Colloids in agrochemicals
Polymers, liquids and colloids in electric fields
Chemomechanical instabilities in responsive materials
Smart hydrogel modelling
Structure and functional properties of colloidal systems
Hydrogel sensors and actuators
Colloidal magnetic fluids
New frontiers in colloid science
New frontiers in colloid science
The colloid Science of lipids
Structure, dynamics and properties of disperse colloidal systems
Colloids for nano- and biotechnology
Dictionary of nanotechnology, colloid and interface science
Colloids for nano- and biotechnology
Colloidal transport in porous media
Colloidal order
Colloid stability
Polymers as colloid systems
Food colloids
Molecular and colloidal electro-optics
The rise and decline of colloid science in North America, 1900-1935
Cosmetic nanotechnology
Smart colloidal materials
Analytical ultracentrifugation VIII
Smart colloidal materials
Molecular gels
Analytical ultracentrifugation VIII
Molecular gels
Particles at interfaces
Theory of colloid and interfacial electric phenomena
Nanocomposite structures and dispersions
Structure formation in solution
Crystals in gels and Liesegang rings
Coloides e interfases
Colloid science
Low molecular mass gelators
Colloids and colloid assemblies
Encyclopedia of surface and colloid science
Introduction to molecular-microsimulation of colloidal dispersions
Colloid chemistry II
Food colloids, biopolymers and materials
Colloid chemistry I
Ultrasound for characterizing colloids
Adsorption and Nanostructure
Neutrons, X-rays and light
Encyclopedia of surface and colloid science
Surface and colloid science
Trends in colloid and interface science XV
Surface and Colloid Science
Food Colloids
Proceedings of the international conference on colloid and surface science, Tokyo, Japan, November 5-8, 2000
Handbook of advanced electronic and photonic materials and devices Volume 5
Handbook of applied surface and colloid chemistry
Gels handbook
Colloid and surface chemistry
Particles at fluids interfaces and membranes
Proceedings of the International Conference on Colloid and Surface Science
Gels handbook
Computational methods in surface and colloid science
Biopolymers · PVA Hydrogels, Anionic Polymerisation Nanocomposites
Colloid-polymer interactions
Physical Chemistry and Industrial Application of Gellan Gum
The colloidal domain
Introduction à la physico-chimie de la matière divisée
The colloid science of lipids
Structure, dynamics and properties of disperse colloidal systems
Horizons 2000, aspects of colloid and interface science at the turn of the millenium
Horizons 2000 - aspects of colloid and interface science at the turn of the millenium
Particle deposition and aggregation
Sol-gel silica
Principles of colloid and surface chemistry
Sol-gel and polymer photonic devices
Food colloids
Amphiphiles at Interfaces
Optical Methods and Physics of Colloidal Dispersions
Handbook of surface and colloid chemistry
An introduction to dynamics of colloids
An introduction to dynamics of colloids
The preparation of dispersions in liquids
Optical and Electronic Phenomena in Sol-Gel Glasses and Modern Application
Mécanismes de rétention hydrodynamique de suspensions colloïdales en milieux poreux
The colloidal domain
Clusters and colloids
Sol-gel optics
Principles of colloid and surface chemistry
The colloid chemistry of silica
Sol-gel processing and applications
Surface and colloid chemistry in advanced ceramics processing
Surfactants and colloids in the environnement
8e Conférence de la Société européenne des colloïdes et interfaces
Colloid and surface engineering
Surfactants and Colloids in the Environment
The language of colloid and interface science
Food colloids and polymers
Colloid-polymer interactions
Colloidal dispersions and micellar behavior
Complex Fluids
Particles in gases and liquids 3
Responsive Gels
Responsive Gels
Electrooptics and conductometry of polydisperse systems
The colloid chemistry of silica and silicates
Introduction to modern colloid science
Manipulation of groundwater colloids for environmental restoration
Macroions in solution and colloidal suspension
Cereals in breadmaking
Colloids in the aquatic environment
Surface and colloid science
Physical chemistry of colloids and interfaces in oil production
Application des techniques de diffusion de la lumière, des rayons X et des neutrons à l'étude des systèmes colloïdaux
Polyelectrolytes, hydrogels, chromatographic materials
Electrochemistry in colloids and dispersions
Foundations of colloid science
Introduction to colloid and surface chemistry
The Fractal approach to heterogeneous chemistry
An introduction to food colloids
Thermoreversible gelation of polymers and biopolymers
Advances in colloid structures
The structure and dynamics of strongly interacting colloids and supramolecular aggregates in solution
Colloid chemistry in mineral processing
Eurogel '91
Chemistry, Spectroscopy and Applications of Sol-Gel Glasses
Advances in Colloid Structures
Abstracts Volume I. - Part 2...
Abstracts Volume 2...
Food polymers, gels and colloids
Colloidal dispersions
Neutron, X-ray and light scattering
Colloid electro-optics
Interactions at the soil colloid - soil solution interface
Abstracts Volume III...
Eighteen years of colloid and surface chemistry
Surfaces, interfaces, and colloids
Abstracts Volume I. - Part 1...
Advances in measurement and control of colloidal processes
Surface and colloid chemistry in natural waters and water treatment
An introduction to polymer colloids
Scientific methods for the study of polymer colloids and their application
Sol-gel optics
Micellar solutions and microemulsions
The structure, dynamics and equilibrium properties of colloidal systems
Trends in Colloid and Interface Science IV
Sol-gel science
Trends in Colloid and Interface Science III
Basic principles of colloid science
Theory of stability of colloids and thin films
Fundamental principles of sol-gel technology
Colloidal hydrodynamics
Polymers in aqueous media
Colloidal systems and interfaces
Crystals in gels and Lisegang rings
Zeta potential in colloid science
Dispersed Systems
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