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Topic : Oxygène
Source file : RAMEAU
Field : Chimie
Variant subject headings : Ossigeno (italien)

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Le trajet du dioxygène jusqu'au sang

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Manger, respirer, histoire de vivre
Les origines de l'oxygène
Utilisation de l'oxygène en urgence

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Oxygen transport to tissue XXXVII
High altitude
Oxygen transport to tissue XXXVI
Low-oxygen stress in plants
Oxygen transport to tissue XXXV
Hemoglobin-based oxygen carriers as red cell substitutes and oxygen therapeutics
Hydrogen sulfide and its therapeutic applications
Histoire de l'oxygène
Oxygen transport to tissue XXXIII
Phosphorescent oxygen-sensitive probes
Oxygen of the Universe
Oxygen transport to tissue XXXII
Oxygen transport to tissue XXXI
Une étrange histoire de l'air
Arterial chemoreceptors
Inorganic membranes for energy and environmental applications
Experimental study of the carbon-nitrogen-oxygen cycle at low energy
Oxygen in the solar system
Oxygen transport to tissue XXVIII
The arterial chemoreceptors
Artificial oxygen carrier
Oxygen transport to tissue XXIV
Antioxidant and redox regulation of genes
Oxygen homeostasis and its dynamics
Blood substitutes
Oxygen transport to tissue XIX
Oxygen responses, reactivities and measurements in biosystems
Oxygen transport in biological systems
Blood and tissue oxygen carriers
Catalytic activation of dioxygen by metal complexes
Dioxygen activation and homogeneous catalytic oxidation
Oxygen chemistry
p1 s p7 sO [Oxygen-17] NMR spectroscopy in organic chemistry
Dioxygen activation and homogeneous catalytic oxidation
Structure and function of invertebrate oxygen carriers
Biological oxidation systems
Oxygen complexes and oxygen activation by transition metals
The role of oxygen in chemistry and biochemistry
Isotope chronostratigraphy
Oxygen free radicals in shock
Oxygen transport in red blood cells
The biochemistry of dioxygen
The anomeric effect and related stereoelectronic effects at oxygen
Réseaux de transport d'oxygène par canalisation
Oxygen transport to tissue
Oxygen-17 and Silicon-29
Oxygen and ozone
Biochemical and clinical aspects of oxygen
The chemistry of oxygen
Nouveau traité de chimie minérale Tome XIII
La liquéfaction de l'oxygène
Mémoire sur la liquéfaction de l'oxygène, la liquéfaction et la solidification de l'hydrogène, et sur les théories des changements des corps

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