Études longitudinales

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Topic : Études longitudinales
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Exklusive Bildungskarrieren von Jugendlichen und ihre Peers am Übergang in Hochschule und Beruf
The SAGE handbook of personality and individual differences [Volume II]
Jeunesse(s) et transitions vers l'âge adulte
Theory of mind across the lifespan
Integration, identity and language maintenance in young immigrants
Education matters
Climate change and coastal ecosystems
Norbert Elias's lost research
Triumphs of experience
A life course perspective on health trajectories and transitions
Understanding families over time
Education, work and social change
Réussite scolaire, réussite professionnelle, l'apport des données longitudinales
Personality and family development
Primi della classe si nasce?
NS-Propaganda im Unterricht deutscher Schulen, 1933-1943
Modern clinical trial analysis
Negotiating the life course
Wie uns Arbeitslosigkeit unter die Haut geht
Regards sur la tonalité
À l'épreuve du temps
Applied longitudinal data analysis for epidemiology
Returns to the field
Jugendliche und ihre Peers
Long-term field studies of primates
The cycle of deviant behavior
Tracking adult literacy and numeracy skills
Meaningful differences in the everyday experience of young American children
Dynamic Mixed Models for Familial Longitudinal Data
Legacies of crime
The ecology of place
Social formation in Dhaka, 1985-2005
Évaluation et données longitudinales
Acquiring phonology
Les cheminements longs
Young women in Japan
Derrière les diplômes et certifications, les parcours de formation et leurs effets sur les parcours d'emploi
Jugend in Ost und West seit der Wiedervereinigung
Treatment of bipolar illness
Ecosystem organization of a complex landscape
ADHD [Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder] in adults
Care for the suicidal person
The emerging spatial mind
All of me
The education-drug use connection
Ruptures et irréversibilités dans les trajectoires
Transitions professionnelles et risques
Violent offenders
The cycle of deviant behavior
Developmental contexts in middle childhood
Seele und Forschung
Mild cognitive impairment
Friendship and educational choice
Construction et valorisation des compétences, l'apport des analyses
The development of the person
The body never lies
In sync with adolescence
Communicating your way to a theory of mind
Middle adulthood
From adolescence to adulthood in the Vietnam era
Childhood sexual assault victims
Attachment from infancy to adulthood
Developmental influences on adult intelligence
Developmental origins of aggression
Becoming literate in the city
Only hope
Class reunion
Methods in human growth research
Versteckte Kinder
Welche Chancen haben Kinder mit Entwicklungsstörungen?
La malnutrition infantile en milieu urbain africain
Black students' perceptions
Genre et données longitudinales
La ricerca longitudinale
Acute and transient psychoses
Blacks in the white elite
Gangs and delinquency in developmental perspective
Syndicats, la nouvelle donne
Gesellschaftliche Exklusionsprozesse beim Übergang in den Ruhestand
Personality disorders over time
Applied longitudinal data analysis for epidemiology
The psychological development of girls and women
Le changement dans les organisations
An introduction to longitudinal research
Musiklärare - i utbildning och yrke
Formation tout au long de la vie et carrières en Europe
Acting out
Criminality and violence among the mentally disordered
How families still matter
Du bébé au préadolescent
Von der "Kleinen Eiszeit" zum "globalen Gletscherrückzug"
Interwoven lives
Construction et usage des catégories d'analyse
Journeys from childhood to midlife
Teaching selves
Children with disabilities
The intentionality model and language acquisition
Early childhood television viewing and adolescent behavior
We are all equal
Infancy to early childhood
Depressionen bei Jugendlichen und jungen Erwachsenen
Les médecins
Studies on alcohol habits
Seelische Gesundheit und neurotisches Elend
From child to adult
Trajectoires d'emploi et conditions d'existence des individus
Choice, pathways and transitions post-16
Economic mobility and poverty dynamics in developing countries
Trading in futures
In the long run ...
Lebensthemen junger Frauen
Insertion, transition professionnelle et identification de processus
Marriage in a culture of divorce
Projective methods and longitudinal developmental research
Das litauische Bildungswesen in der Transformation
In a different voice
Memory change in the aged
Children surviving persecution
Early Developmental Stages of Substance Abuse
Corporate governance and the timeliness of change
Industrial relations in transition
L'analyse longitudinale du marché du travail, les politiques de l'emploi
Birth to age five
Nichteheliche Lebensgemeinschaften
Comparisons in human development
A longitudinal twin study of intelligence in the second year
Comparaisons in human development
Emotional development
Stresßbewältigung und Wohlbefinden in der Familie
The natural history of mania, depression, and schizophrenia
Intellectual development in adulthood
Do they grow out of it?
Typologie des marchés du travail, suivi et parcours
Trajectoires et insertions professionnelles
The new role of women
The dynamics of industrial competition
Les performances des entreprises françaises au XXe siècle
Atlas of religious change in America
Parents'jobs and children's lives
Developmental follow-up
Developmental follow-up
L'analyse longitudinale du marché du travail
Diverging pathways
Growing up with unemployment
Crime in the making
Les représentations de l'Afrique orientale dans les géographies universelles françaises des XIXe et XXe siècles
Motor development in early and later childhood
Longitudinal research on individual development
Storia civile e letteraria del regno di Napoli
How voters decide
Adolescence, carreers, and cultures
Prise en charge de l'enfant handicapé
Wealth mobility in America
Psychodynamics, training, and outcome in brief psychotherapy
Etude du devenir à long terme d'une cohorte d'enfants maltraités dans leur première enfance
La patria grande será nación
Applied computational statistics in longitudinal research
La concepción de tiempo y espacio en el mundo andino
Entwicklung politischer Handlungsorientierungen im Jugendalter
On building-related causes of the sick building syndrome
Indios, colonos y conflictos
Historia económica y social moderna y contemporánea de España I
Founding families of Pittsburgh
Economía y comercio en América hispana
L'Enfant placé
Selective incapacitation and the serious offender
Statistical methods in longitudinal research
L'Enfant placé
La Méthode expérimentale en psychologie
Transition mechanisms in child development
Utvecklingsbetingelser hos utvecklingsstörda
Longitudinal analysis of labor market date
La Santé des adolescents
The psychobiology of Down syndrome
Agriculture and community change in the U. S.
La Santé des adolescents
From boy to man, from delinquency to crime
L'épreuve du double tour
Adolescent mothers in later life
Le couple masculin
Children at risk for schizophrenia
As others see us
Personality and life-style of young male managers
Wirtschaftliche Einstellungen und Wahlverhalten in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland
Development in the preschool years

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