Systèmes auto-organisés

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Topic : Systèmes auto-organisés
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Variant subject headings : Auto-organisation (théorie des systèmes)
Systèmes auto-optimalisants
Systèmes d'apprentissage (commande automatique)

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self-organizing natural intelligence
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Engineering self-organising systems
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Supramolecular organization and materials design
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Le quark et le jaguar
L'homme autonome
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The origins of order
Organiser par l'auto-organisation
New perspectives on cybernetics
Apprendre, se souvenir, décider
Models of selforganization in complex systems MOSES
Foundations of synergetics
Urgeschichte der Selbstorganisation
Self-modifying systems in biology and cognitive science
Ordres et désordres
Designing autonomous agents
Le Labyrinthe de l'intelligence
Selbstorganisation der Wissenschaft
1989 lectures in complex systems
Evolution of complex systems
Autoorganisation et approche systémique des pratiques de recherche
Chemical instabilities
Self-organization in non-equilibrium systems
Engineering Self-organising Systems

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