Anglo-Saxons (peuple germanique)

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Topic : Anglo-Saxons (peuple germanique)
Source file : RAMEAU
Field : Ethnonymes
Archéologie. Préhistoire. Histoire ancienne
Histoire de l'Europe
Variant subject headings : Angleterre (GB) -- Civilisation -- 449-1066
Anglo-Saxonne, Civilisation
Anglo-Saxons (peuple germanique) -- Civilisation
Civilisation anglo-saxonne
The time : 0449-1066

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Food, eating and identity in early Medieval England
Towns and topography
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Kingship, legislation and power in Anglo-Saxon England
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Beyond the Burghal Hidage
Anglo-Saxon graves and grave goods of the 6th and 7th centuries AD
Proceedings of the Battle conference, 2011
Anglo-Saxon England 40
Saints and scholars
The Oxford handbook of Anglo-Saxon archaeology
The threshold of Anglo-Saxon
Anglo-Saxon England 39
Anglo-Saxon England and the continent
The material culture of daily living in the Anglo-Saxon world [Volume 1]
Anglo-Saxon traces
Money and power in Anglo-Saxon England
Iron Age and Middle Saxon settlements at West Fen Road, Ely, Cambridgeshire
Rome en Angleterre
Anglo-Norman studies XXXIII
The Anglo-Saxon cemetery at Blacknall Field, Pewsey, Wiltshire
Chronicles of the reign of Alfred the Great Part II
Burial in later anglo-saxon England, c. 650-1100 AD
Chronicles of the reign of Alfred the Great Part I
Anglo-Saxon England 38
Anglo-Norman studies XXXII
Reading the Anglo-Saxon chronicle
Daily life in Anglo-Saxon England
Anglo-Saxons and the North
Anglo-saxon deviant burial customs
Anglo-Saxons in a Frankish world, 690-900
Early Anglo-Saxon communities in the landscape of Norfolk
Gildas's De excidio Britonum and the early British church
Anglo-Norman studies XXXI
Chronicles of the dark ages
Anglo-Saxon England 37
Catalogue of Anglo-Saxon glass in the British Museum
Anglo-Norman studies XXX
Writing the map of Anglo-Saxon England
Anglo-Saxon button brooches
Britons in Anglo-Saxon England
Feasting the dead
Anglo-Saxon England 36
The early medieval settlement remains from Flixborough, Lincolnshire
Remembering the dead in Anglo-Saxon England
Edgar, king of the English, 959-975
The road to Rome
Collectanea antiqua
Virtually Anglo-Saxon
Text, image, interpretation
Economics and social change in Anglo-Saxon Kent AD 400-900
Charters of Bath and Wells
Conversion and colonization in Anglo-Saxon England
Anglo-Saxon England 35
The origins of the Anglo-Saxons
A brief history of the Anglo-Saxons
How tradition works
The Anglo-Saxon cemetery at Finglesham, Kent
Le festin dans l'Angleterre anglo-saxonne
Anglo-Saxon manuscripts in microfiche facsimile
In search of the dark ages
The Anglo-Saxon cemeteries of Kent
The religious reuse of Roman structures in early medieval England
The idea of Anglo-Saxon England in middle English romance
Anglo-Saxon England 34
Suffolk in Anglo-Saxon times
Harold II
The ruler portraits of Anglo-Saxon England
Dying and death in later Anglo-Saxon England
Anglo-Saxon England 33
Anglo-Saxon England 32
Middle Saxon London
Anglo-Saxon styles
The Anglo-Saxon cemetery at Worthy Park, Kingsworthy, near Winchester, Hampshire
Early Anglo-Saxon belt buckles (late 5th to early 8th centuries A.D.)
The mead hall
Carolingian connections
Anglo-Saxon England 31
Viking Mersey
Image and power in the archaeology of early medieval Britain
Roman Wiltshire and after
Mercia, an Anglo-Saxon kingdom in Europe
The Cynewulf reader
Markets, minsters and metal-detectors
Anglo-Saxon spirituality
Communities and warfare, 700-1400
Imagining the Anglo-Saxon past
La chronique d'Ingulf
The four funerals in "Beowulf"
The Anglo-Saxon warrior ethic
Eschatology and Christian nurture
Anglian York
Anglo-Saxon England 28
Post-Roman Britain to Anglo-Saxon England
The spindle and the spear
The early Anglo-Saxon cemeteries of East Yorkshire
The recovery of the past in early Elizabethan England
Medieval England
Christianizing kinship
Anglo-Saxon England 27
The landscape of Anglo-Saxon England
Beowulf and Old Germanic metre
Town origins and development in early England, C. 400-950 A.D.
The Anglo-Saxon cemetery on Mill Hill, Deal, Kent
The death of Anglo-Saxon England
The convert kings
Anglo-Saxon England 26
Trinity and incarnation in anglo-saxon art and thought
The preservation and transmission of Anglo-Saxon culture
An archaeology of the early Anglo-Saxon kingdoms
Anglo-Saxonism and the construction of social identity
The Anglo-Saxons from the migration period to the eighth century
A new corpus of Anglo-Saxon great square-headed brooches
Mawgan Porth
Traditionen der klassischen Rhetorik im angelsäschsischen England
The defence of Wessex
Reassessing Anglo-Saxon England
Medievalism in England II
Images of community in Old English poetry
Anglian settlement at 46-54 Fishergate
Anglo-Saxon Glastonbury
Anglo-Saxon England 25
Slavery in early medieval England
The sword in Anglo-Saxon England
Anglo-Saxon England 24
The English and the Norman conquest
Arthurian sources
Anglo-Saxon England 23
The English conquest
Bede and his world
Britons and Anglo-Saxons in the Early Middle Ages
Anglo-Saxon medicine
Anglo-Saxon England 22
Excavations at Mucking Volume 2
The kingdom of Northumbria
The origins of "Beowulf" and the pre-Viking kingdom of East Anglia
A summary catalogue of the Anglo-Saxon collections
Angelsächsische Waffengräber des 5. bis 7. Jahrhunderts
Words, texts, and manuscripts
The making of England
Anglo-Saxon England 21
The English Church and the continent in the tenth and eleventh centuries
Les Barbares et la mer
The West Midlands in the early Middle Ages
Wessex and England from Alfred to Edgar
Anglo-Saxon England 20
Literacy and power in Anglo-Saxon literature
Literacy and power in Anglo-Saxon literature
An introduction to anglo-saxon England
This noble craft...
Dark age naval power
Carolingian renewal
Anglo-Saxon England and the norman conquest
Worcestershire Anglo-Saxon charter-bounds
Archäologie der Angelsachsen
Sources of Anglo-Saxon literary culture
Anglo-Saxon England 19
Religion and literature in Western England, 600-800
British academy papers on Anglo-Saxon England
Who's who in Roman Britain and Anglo-Saxon England
A Saxon bed burial on Swallowcliffe Down
Anglo-Saxon England 18
Migration and mythmaking in Anglo-Saxon England
Unification and conquest
The Anglo-Saxon achievement
Anglo-Saxon settlements
Anglo-Saxon England 17
An archaeology of the early Anglo-Saxon kingdoms
Lordship and military obligation in Anglo-Saxon England
Die Gedenküberlieferung der Angelsachsen
The Royal saints of Anglo-Saxon England
Lordship and military obligation in Anglo-Saxon England
Learning and literature in Anglo-Saxon England
Anglo-Saxon England 16
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