Topic : Excavation
Source file : RAMEAU
Variant subject headings : Déblai
Escavazione (italien)
Fouilles (terrassement)

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Burial, landscape and identity in early Medieval Wessex
Surface and underground excavations
Heilige Abfallgruben
Eski Türklerin kutsal mezarları
Mechanical excavation in mining and civil industries
Recommendations on excavations EAB
Geotechnical design for sublevel open stoping
Surface and underground excavations
Deep and underground excavations
Rock engineering
Recommendations on excavations, EAB
Wu zhong xi jiao tang mu
Xian yang shi liu guo mu
Bikini, 1944-1952
Civil excavations and tunnelling
Nytt ljus på Sandarnakulturen
The Tel Dan inscription
Deep excavations
Imagery and representation
Dangerous places
Le sanctuaire paléolithique de la grotte Ignatievskaïa à l'Oural du Sud
Địa danh văn hóa Việt Nam 1
Il tesoro di Hera
Support of underground excavations in hard rock
Kong Svends Høj
Underwater investigations at Roman Minturnae
Rock blasting and explosives engineering
Eine mittelalterliche Siedlung auf Markung Urspring (Gemeinde Lonsee, Alb-Donau-Kreis)
Integrated grouting and hydrogeology of fractured rocks in the former USSR
Blasting in ground excavation and mines
Geomechanics principles in the design of tunnels and caverns in rock
Design methodology in rock engineering
Rock engineering applications
Excavation response in geological repositories for radioactive waste
Graven religiös och social symbol
Applied geotechnology

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