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The extravagant universe
Supernova environmental impacts
Binary paths to type Ia supernovae explosions
The death of massive stars
Eta Carinae and the supernova impostors
Histoires d'étoiles
Supernovae und kosmische Gammablitze
Superstelle in esplosione
La ricerca amatoriale delle supernovae
Les balises de l'univers
RS Ophiuchi (2006) and the recurrent nova phenomenon
The mysterious universe
Origin of matter and evolution of galaxies
Supernovae and how to observe them
Supernovae and how to observe them
Cosmic catastrophes
The multicolored landscape of compact objects and their explosive origins
Cosmic explosions
White dwarfs
Cosmic explosions
Gravitational radiation, luminous black holes, and gamma-ray burst supernovae
1604-2004 : supernovae as cosmological lighthouses
"Ergo perit coelum..."
Stellar collapse
Observing variable stars, novae, and supernovae
Very high energy cosmic gamma radiation
3K, SN's, clusters
From twilight to highlight
Supernovae and gamma-ray bursters
A massive star odyssey
Supernovae and gamma-ray bursters
Historical supernovae and their remnants
Supernovae and gamma-ray bursts
Young supernova remnants
Cosmic explosions
Observing meteors, comets, supernovae, and other transient phenomena
Pulsar astronomy
Through the eyes of Hubble
The stellar initial mass function
Thermonuclear supernovae
Supernovae and nucleosynthesis
Supernovae and supernova remnants
Circumstellar media in the late stages of stellar evolution
The supernova story
Supernovae and stellar wind in the interstellar medium
Stellar astrophysics
Cosmic rays, supernovae and the interstellar medium
Supernovae and stellar evolution
Stars and galaxies
Astrophysics and space physics reviews Volume 8. - Part 2
The supernova search charts and handbook
Astrophysics and space physics reviews Volume 6. - Part 3
Soleils éclatés
The origin and evolution of neutron stars
Ces soleils qui explosent
Nuclear Astrophysics
Nuclear astrophysics
Supernovae as Distance Indicators
Problems of collapse and numerical relativity
An atlas of UV spectra of supernovae
The historical supernovae

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