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Microélectronique en mécanique

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La mécatronique pour l'industrie
[Le pack Mécatronique 2003-2005]
Europe Japon le défi mécatronique
The mechatronics summit
De la mécanique à la mécatronique
Solutions for control

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La Puce et la machine

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Multibody mechatronic systems
Fiabilité des systèmes mécatroniques de forte puissance 1
Fiabilité des systèmes mécatroniques de forte puissance 2
Robotics and mechatronics for agriculture
Mechatronics and automation engineering
Mechatronics and control of electromechanical systems
Dynamics of mechatronics systems
Mechanics and materials science
Mechatronics and manufacturing technologies (MMT2016)
Intelligent Robotics and Applications
Interactive Collaborative Robotics
Design for the unexpected
Biomimetic and Biohybrid Systems
Intelligent Robotics and Applications
Fluiddynamischer Planarantrieb für drei Freiheitsgrade
Fehlerbaumanalyse in Theorie und Praxis
Les systèmes mécatroniques embarqués 1
Nonholonomic mechanics and control
Progress in Systems Engineering
New Trends in Mechanism and Machine Science
Bond Graph Model-based Fault Diagnosis of Hybrid Systems
Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Mechatronics and Automatic Control
Nonlinear control and filtering using differential flatness approaches
A Construction Manual for Robots' Ethical Systems
Hyper bio assembler for 3D cellular systems
Les systèmes mécatroniques embarqués 2
Mechatronics engineering and electrical engineering
Aufgaben und Lösungen zur Schaltungsdarstellung und Simulation elektromechanischer Systeme
Analyzing and Modeling Interdisciplinary Product Development
Verfahren zur Analyse und zum Test von Fahrzeugdiagnosesystemen im Feld
Enhancing Performance and Reducing Stress in Sports
Multiphysics simulation
Optimization and Control Methods in Industrial Engineering and Construction
Modern Mechanical Engineering
Dependability of Self-Optimizing Mechatronic Systems
The design of high performance mechatronics
Automotive mechatronics
Advances in high-performance motion control of mechatronic systems
Progress in optomechatronic technologies
The 8th International Conference on Robotic, Vision, Signal Processing & Power Applications
Mechatronics 2013
Mechatronic modeling of real-time wheel-rail contact
Interdisciplinary mechatronics
Intelligent mechatronic systems
Advanced mechatronics and MEMS devices
Classical mechanics Volume 3
Measuring technology and mechatronics automation in electrical engineering
Adaptive feed-forward control of low frequency interior noise
System dynamics
Electrical, information engineering and mechatronics 2011
Sensors for mechatronics
Fertigungsverfahren der Mechatronik, Feinwerk- und Präzisionsgerätetechnik
Mechatronics and manufacturing engineering
Mechatronics in medicine
Mechatronic systems design
Einführung in die Mechatronik
Elektrotechnik für Maschinenbauer
Electromechanical systems in microtechnology and mechatronics
Surgical robotics
Modeling, Design, and Simulation of Systems with Uncertainties
Handbook of force transducers
Automotive mechatronics Volume I
Automotive mechatronics Volume II
The design of high performance mechatronics
Dynamical Systems
Mechatronics and intelligent systems for off-road vehicles
Mechatronics in action
Next-generation actuators leading breakthroughs
Service robotics and mechatronics
Design rules for actuators in active mechanical systems
Hybrid Switching Diffusions
Modeling and Simulation in Scilab/Scicos with ScicosLab 4.4
Advanced Materials and Technologies for Micro/Nano-Devices, Sensors and Actuators
Model-Based Control
Advanced design of mechanical systems
Rescue robotics
Time-varying sliding modes for second and third order systems
Trajectory Planning for Automatic Machines and Robots
Magnetic Bearings
Optimization and multiobjective control of time-discrete systems
Informatics in Control, Automation and Robotics
The physics of carbon nanotube devices
Discontinuous Control Systems
Drive solutions
Mechatronics and machine vision in practice
The mechatronics handbook
Mechatronic systems
2008 IEEE/ASME international conference on advanced intelligent mechatronics, AIM 2008
Mechatronics and machine vision in practice
Micro-assembly technologies and applications
Numerical simulation of mechatronic sensors and actuators
Mechatronics for safety, security and dependability in a new era
Non-linear control based on physical models
Recent advances in mechatronics
Numerical simulation of mechatronic sensors and actuators
Électronique, électricité et mécatronique automobile
Recent advances in mechatronics
Dictionary of Drives and Mechatronics
Mechatronics for safety, security and dependability in a new era
Essentials of mechatronics
System dynamics
De Han, Ying Han, De Ying chuan dong ji shu ci dian
Electromagnetic fields in mechatronics, electrical and electronic engineering
From specification to embedded systems application
Emerging actuator technologies
Numerical simulation of mechatronic sensors and actuators
Perturbation Compensator based Robust Tracking Control and State Estimation of Mechanical Systems
Mechatronic Servo System Control
Mechatronic servo system control
Mechatronic systems
International conference on mechatronics
Fault diagnosis and fault tolerance for mechatronics systems
Mechatronics by bond graphs
Mechatronic systems
Selected topics in structronics and mechatronic systems
Opto-mechatronic systems handbook
Advanced automation techniques in adaptive material processing
Mechatronic reliability
Human friendly mechatronics
Mechatronic systems
Mechatronic control of distributed noise and vibration
Electromechanical systems, electric machines, and applied mechatronics
System dynamics and mechanical vibrations
Recent advances in mechatronics
Mechatronics in engineering design and product development
Mechatronics '98
Real-time systems in mechatronic applications
Dictionnaire de mécatronique
Mechatronics Volume 1
Mechatronics Volume 2
Robotics, mechatronics and manufacturing systems
La Microélectronique dans les produits de la mécanique

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