Rupert Bruce-Mitford (1914-1994)

Country : Grande-Bretagne
Language : anglais
Gender : masculin
Birth : Londres, 14-06-1914
Death : Oxford, GB, 10-03-1994
Note :
Variants of the name : Rupert Bruce- Mitford (1914-1994)
Rupert Leo Scott Bruce-Mitford (1914-1994)
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 1051 3078

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Mawgan Porth
Late Roman and Byzantine silver, hanging-bowls, drinking vessels, cauldrons and other containers, textiles, the lyre, pottery bottle and other items
Arms, armour and regalia
The Sutton Hoo ship-buurial
Excavations, background, the ship, dating and inventory
The Sutton Hoo ship-burial
The Sutton Hoo ship-burial
The art of the codex Amiatinus
The Sutton Hoo Ship burial, a provisional guide
The Sutton Hoo Ship burial, a provisional guide [By R. L. S. Bruce. Mitford. Preface by T. D. Kendrick]
The Sutton Hoo Ship-burial, a provisional guide [By R. L. S. Bruce-Mitford, Préface by T. D. Kendrick]
Edward Thurlow Leads, 1877-1955. - [1]

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Recent archaeological excavations in Europe
Recent archaeological excavations in Britain, selected excavations, 1939-1955, with a chapter on recent air-reconnaissance. Edited by R. L. S. Bruce-Mitford,...

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The Bog people

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Catalogue of antiquities of the later Saxon period... 11

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