Entropie (théorie de l'information)

Topic : Entropie (théorie de l'information)
Source file : RAMEAU
Field : Savoir et érudition. Musées
Variant subject headings : Néguentropie

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"Am Anfang war die Information"
Mathematical foundations and applications of graph entropy
Introduction aux sciences de l'information
Complex and adaptive dynamical systems
Mehamapaṣ hagadwl latbwniywt haʾeynswpiyt
Handbook of differential entropy
Invariance Entropy for Deterministic Control Systems
Invariance entropy for deterministic control systems
Coding theorems of classical and quantum information theory
Entropy and information theory
Information theoretic learning
Entropy and information
Entropy and the time evolution of macroscopic systems
Chemical engineering
Entropy, search, complexity
Chemical engineering
Entropy, search, complexity
Information and self-organization
Nonlinear Methods of Spectral Analysis
Minimum Entropy H∞Control
Entropy in control engineering
Probabilità ed informazione
Information and self-organization
Introductory statistical mechanics
Economics, entropy and the environment
Polygenesis, convergence, and entropy
Information dynamics and open systems
Entropy optimization and mathematical programming
Informed assessments
La théorie générale de l'évolution
Measures of information and their applications
Entropie, information (et image) Partie 1
Deterministic chaos in infinite quantum systems
Le premier principe de l'écologie
Entropy optimization principles with applications
Entropy and information theory
Entropy, compactness and the approximation of operators
L'Ordre improbable
Mesures d'entropie et d'information pour les systèmes ouverts complexes
On measures of information and their characterizations
On measures of information and their characterizations

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