Londres. Council (County)

Country : Grande-Bretagne
Language : anglais
Creation : 1889
org_stop_date : 1965
Variants of the name : LCC
London county council
Londres. County council

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Survey of London issued by the joint committee representing the London county council and the London survey committee 37
Survey of London 33
Survey of London 34
Survey of London 31-32
Administrative county of London development plan
Survey of London
Survey of London 29-30
Survey of London 28
Survey of London
The Iveagh bequest, Kenwood
The Adam Carse collection of old musical wind instruments
Open air exhibition of sculpture at Battersea Park
Census, 1921. Report upon the statistics relating to greater London contained in the various volumes of the census of England and Wales, 1921...
Rates made, 1925-26. Return showing the amounts in the Ł of rates... compared with the rates made in previous years...
Housing-scheme-review of position
Return of outdoor memorials in London... prepared by the Clerk of the Council [G. L. Gomme]...
Survey of London
Analytical investigation of London water supply. Report by the chemist on the results of the analytical investigations as to the quality of the London water supply during the twelve months ending December, 1895...
Memorandum on the distribution of enteric fever in 1894 considered in relation to water supply

Éditeur scientifique (19)

Bomb damage maps, 1939-1945
Sculpture in the open air
Souvenir catalogue of the open air exhibition of sculpture at Battersea Park, May to September 1948
London county council. The London education service...
London County Council. Annual Report of the council...
Report of the London County council to 31st March... prepared by the clerk of the Council
Statistical abstract for London...
London county council. Accounts in abstract
Survey of London. General editor : F. H. W. Sheppard...
London county council. Annual report of the chief officier of the public control department
London county council. Annual report of the medical officer of health
London county council. Education service particulars for the year 1929-30 compiled under the direction of the Education officer
London county council. Housing estates. Statistics for the year...
London county council. London statistics
London county council [Publications diverses]
London county council. Public control. County of London
London county council. Public health. County of London

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Gender, rhetoric and regulation
Bomb damage maps, 1939-1945

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