James Walvin

Country : Grande-Bretagne
Language : anglais
Note :
Professeur d'histoire à l' Université de York, GB (en 1986)
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0003 8544 4382

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Auteur du texte (21)

Slavery in small things
Le commerce des esclaves
The Zong
The trader, the owner, the slave
English urban life, 1776-1851
Making the black Atlantic
An African's life
Fruits of Empire
The life and times of Henry Clarke of Jamaica, 1828-1907
Slaves and slavery
Black ivory
England, slaves and freedom
Passage to Britain
Black personalities in the era of the slave trade
A child's world
English radicals and reformers, 1760-1848
Leisure and society
Slavery, abolition and emancipation
Black and white
The Black presence
A Jamaican plantation

Éditeur scientifique (6)

The British slave trade
Manliness and morality
Artisans, peasants and proletarians, 1760-1860
Leisure in Britain, 1780-1939
Slavery and British society, 1776-1846
The Abolition of the Atlantic slave trade

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