Dinesh Chandra Sircar (1907-1985)

Country : Inde
Language : anglais
Birth : 08-06-1907
Death : 10-01-1985
Note :
Né à Salkathi Krishnanagar, Faridpur, maintenant au Bangladesh ; mort à Calcutta. - Historien, Carmichael prof. of ancient Indian history and culture, University of Calcutta, Calcutta (1962-1974-08-31). - Epigraphiste. - Indologue
Variants of the name : Dinesh Chandra Sircar
Dineshchandra Sircar
Dines Candra Sircar
Dinescandra Sircar
Dinesh Chandra Sarkar
Dineshchandra Sarkar
Dinesh Chandra Sirkar
Dines Chandra Sirkar
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 1615 5240

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Studies in Indian coins
Some epigraphical records of the Medieval period from Eastern India
Early Indian numismatic and epigraphical studies
Studies in the political and administrative systems in ancient and medieval India
Studies in the Yugapurāna and other texts
Epigraphic discoveries in East Pakistan
Studies in the geography of ancient and medieval India
Indian epigraphical glossary

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Sraddhānjali, studies in ancient Indian history
Indological studies

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