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Exiles in a global city
Expelling the poor
Ireland in an imperial world
Irish voices from the Spanish Inquisition
Bernard Shaw's Irish outlook
Les premiers Irlandais du Nouveau monde
"Something dreadful and grand"
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The IRA in Britain
Irish London
The Bordeaux-Dublin letters, 1757
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Memory Ireland Volume 2
British and Irish experiences and impressions of Central Europe, c.1560-1688
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Ireland and Irish Americans, 1932-1945
Masked raiders
Ireland and the Spanish empire, 1600-1825
Apocryphal and literary influences on Galway diasporic history
The Irish in the Atlantic world
Ireland and India
Immigrés irlandais au XVIIe siècle en Bretagne Tome II
Literature of the Irish in Britain
After the flood
Arthur O'Connor
The Black and green Atlantic
Steps in time
Irish Republicanism in Scotland
Of Irish descent
Irish influence at the court of Spain in the seventeenth century
Migration in Irish history, 1607-2007
Strangers to citizens
Irish migration, networks and ethnic identities since 1750
Left to the wolves
Irish, I presume
American indians, the Irish, and government schooling
Irish, Catholic and Scouse
Ireland's new worlds
The Irish in post-war Britain
Ireland and India
Im[m]igrés irlandais au XVIIe siècle en Bretagne
Irish communities in early-modern Europe
Irlandeses en la pampa gringa
An Irish history of civilization
Irish migrants in New Zealand, 1840-1937
Your fondest Annie
Irish-American diaspora nationalism
The Irish in New Jersey
See you at the hall
A nation in medieval Ireland?
The Irish community in the Basque country, c. 1700-1800
Irish migrants in Europe after Kinsale, 1602-1820
Ireland abroad
Ireland and the Crimean war
Irish migrants in Britain, 1815-1914
El socorro de Irlanda en 1601 y la contribución del ejército a la integración social de los irlandeses en España
Exile, emigration and Irish writing
Hungering for America
I'm proud to be Irish
The origins of Irish convict transportation to New South Wales
Irish immigrants in New York City, 1945-1995
The Irish in Europe, 1580-1815
Outsiders inside
The Irish brandy houses of eighteenth-century France
Demography, state and society
Saint Patrick
A history of Irish emigrant and missionary education
Immigration and integration
The Irish diaspora
Receiving Erin's children
The great famine and beyond
Early Christian Ireland
Irish migrants in modern Britain, 1750-1922
The Irish in Victorian Britain
The Reynolds letters
Andrew Bryson's ordeal
The Irish in the West of Scotland, 1797-1848
Black '47
Culture, conflict and migration
The unappeasable host
La cocarde blanche
If the Irish ran the world
The wild geese of the Antrim MacDonnells
Religion and identity
Religion, class and identity
Les oies sauvages
Jonathan Swift
A new lease on life
Oceans of consolation
The creative migrant
The Irish in Quebec
Biography and autobiography
The Irish in France
The Irish military community in Spanish Flanders, 1586-1621
The Irish world wide
The Irish in Britain
Exiles from Erin
Irish immigrants and Scottish society in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries
The Irish emigrant experience in Australia
Ireland and the French Revolution
Vanished kingdoms
A Survey of the Irish in England, 1872
Irish emigration and Canadian settlement
Flight from famine
Hierarchical structures and social value
The Churches, Ireland and the Irish
The Irish in Britain, 1815-1939
The Green cockade
Cracker culture
Irish migrants in the Canadas
Sectarian violence
The Irish in world Methodism, 1760-1900
Iren und Deutsche in der neuen Welt
Australia and Ireland, 1788-1988
British documents on foreign affairs Part I. - Series C. - Volume 3
Emigrants and exiles
Burguesía extranjera y comercio atlántico
Being had
Letters from Irish Australia 1825-1929
The Irish in Ontario
Poverty and prejudice
The Voyage of the Naparima
Die Iren und Europa in früheren Mittelalter
Irish Americans
Exiles of Erin
Neighbors in conflict
Irish settlers to the Cape
Paddy and the republic

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Irlande, environs de Westport, enfants transportant de la tourbe
Volontaires irlandais à Clonmahon co. Meath [défilé en ville avec bannière]

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