Alasdair C. MacIntyre

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Country : États-Unis
Language : anglais
Gender : masculin
Note :
Professeur de philosophie, Vanderbilt university, Nashville, Tenn. (en 1988)
Variants of the name : Alasdair MacIntyre
Alasdair Chalmers MacIntyre
Alasdair C. Mac Intyre
Alasdair C. McIntyre
Alasdair C. Mc Intyre
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 0905 3107

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What happened in and to moral philosophy in the twentieth century?
Under Weber's shadow
Reason, tradition, and the good
La vérité chez Alasdair MacIntyre
Virtue and politics
Dos filósofos conversos, amigos de la virtud
The political problem of religious pluralism
Sperare nell'uomo
Revolutionary aristotelianism
Alasdair MacIntyre's engagement with marxism
Biografia della ragione
Virtue ethics
Tradition, rationality, and virtue
Alasdair MacIntyre
On MacIntyre
Virtues and practices in the Christian tradition
El modelo de diálogo intercultural de Alasdair Macintyre
Tradición, universidad y virtud
La lotta delle tradizioni
Il problema morale in MacIntyre
La filosofía narrativa de Alasdair MacIntyre
Pragmatic liberalism and the critique of modernity
Crisis de Valores
After MacIntyre
Alasdair MacIntyre

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