Frank Kermode (1919-2010)

Country : Grande-Bretagne
Language : anglais
Gender : masculin
Birth : 29-11-1919
Death : 17-08-2010
Note :
Critique littéraire. - Membre honoraire de King's college, Cambridge, GB. - Membre de : British academy et de : Royal society of literature, Londres. - A été professeur, University of Warwick's Centre for research in philosophy and literature, Coventry, GB
Variant of the name : John Frank Kermode (1919-2010)
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 2280 7348

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Puzzles and epiphanies
Concerning E. M. Forster
Bury place papers
The age of Shakespeare
Pleasure and change
Pieces of my mind
History and value
Pleasing myself
Shakespeare's language
Not entitled
Poetry, narrative, history
An Appetite for poetry
Forms of attention
The classic
The art of telling
Essays on fiction, 1971-82
The genesis of secrecy
The Classic
Novel and narrative
Modern essays
Shakespeare, Spenser, Donne
The sense of an ending
The Sense of an ending, studies in the theory of fiction
William Shakespeare : the final plays
Wallace Stevens
The New novelists. An enquiry with contributions by Anthony Quinton, Lettice Cooper, Frank Kermode, Maurice Cranston
John Donne, by Frank Kermode
Romantic image, by Frank Kermode
The men on the dump

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Encyclopédie littéraire de la Bible

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Yeats and Anglo-Irish literature

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Uncommon readers
Not entitled
Addressing Frank Kermode
The making of the modern canon
Poetry, narrative, history
Critic of crisis

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