Archibald MacLeish (1892-1982)

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Country : États-Unis
Language : anglais
Gender : masculin
Birth : Glencoe, Ill., 07-05-1892
Death : Boston, Mass., 20-04-1982
Note :
Poète. - Auteur dramatique. - Directeur de la Bibliothèque du Congrès (1939-1944)
Variants of the name : Archibald Mac Leish (1892-1982)
Archibald McLeish (1892-1982)
Archibald Mc Leish (1892-1982)
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 1030 3724

Activities of Archibald MacLeish (1892-1982) (72)

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The happy marriage
Champion of a cause
Archibald MacLeish reflections
J. B.
Collected poems
Letters of Archibald MacLeish, 1907 to 1982
Six plays
Riders on the earth
New and collected poems, 1917-1976
The Great American Fourth of July parade
Emily Dickinson
The University, the library
Champion of a cause
Time to act
La Cloche de la liberté. ["The American bell". Traduit par Denise Van Moppès.] Maxwell Anderson. Valley Forge. ["Valley Forge". Traduit par Geneviève Brallion-Zeude.] Deux oeuvres dramatiques...
Archibald Mac Leish. Poèmes choisis
Poetry and experience
Emily Dickinson. Three views
Songs for Eve, by Archibald MacLeish
This music crept by me upon the waters
Freedom is the right to choose : an inquiry into the battle for the American future/Archibald Macleish
Freedom is the right to choose
The Trojan horse, a play, by Archibald MacLeish. [Note by Paul Brooks.]
Collected poems, 1917-1952
Freedom is the right to choose, an inquiry into the battle for the American future. Archibald MacLeish
Actfive and other poems. Archibald MacLeish
Discours de... Archibald MacLeish,... prononcé à la première séance plénière de la Commission du programme, à Paris, le 25 novembre 1946
Los Actividades hispánicas de la Biblioteca del Congreso, con un discurso de Archibald Mac Leish
The Reorganization of the Library of Congress, 1939-44, by Archibald MacLeish
The Reorganization of the library of Congress, 1939-44, by Archibald Mac Leish
An Appeal on behalf of the National Library of Peru and the Lima geographical society. [By Archibald Mac Leish.]
The Next Harvard, as seen by Archibald MacLeish
Archibald Mac Leish. The American cause
Archibald Macleish. The Irresponsibles, a declaration
America was promises
Archibald Mac Leish. America was promises
Shadow of night
Shadow of night
Frescoes for Mr. Rockefeller's city
Archibald Mac Leish. Conquistador
The Hamlet of A. Mac Leish
Songs for a Summer's day (a sonnet-cycle), by Archibald Mac Leish
An Address. - [1]
The Personality of St-John-Perse. - [2]
Archibald MacLeish. - [9]
Public speech
Die Persönlichkeit des Dichters Saint-John Perse. - [2]

Préfacier (15)

The estate of poetry
The complete poems of Carl Sandburg
Permit me voyage
The estate of poetry
The Cultural approach
The Library of Congress, and You. Prepared by Personnel office, Recruitment section... [Foreword by Archibald Mac Leish.]
Anglo-American legal bibliographies
Eloges and other poems
Quatre poèmes (1941-1944), par St.-J. Perse... [Note liminaire d'Archibald MacLeish.]
A Catalog of books represented by Library of Congress printed cards
Special library resources
Magna Carta, the Lincoln Cathedral copy exhibited in the Library of Congress
Postage stamps, a selective check list of books on philately in the Library of Congress. [By Emil F. Ferdinand. Letter by Franklin F. Roosevelt. Preface by Archibald Mac Leish. Philatelic literature, by James Waldo Fawcett.]
A Tribute to A. Edward Newton, Christmas 1940. [Foreword by Archibald MacLeish. Postface by Arthur A. Houghton, jr.]
Magna Carta, the Lincoln cathedral copy exhibited in the Library of Congress, some notes prepared by David C. Mearns and Verner W. Clapp. [Foreword by Archibald MacLeish.]

Rédacteur (2)

L'Amérique et la guerre
Report from America

Voix parlée (2)

The Eleanore Roosevelt story
Archibald MacLeish. - [9]

Auteur de lettres (1)

Deux lettres de Archivald Mac Leish à Nadia Boulanger, (sans date et 1939)

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The Eleanore Roosevelt story

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I wouldn't have missed it

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Samples of Mark Twain and Archibald McLeish's works under scrutiny
Archibald MacLeish
Archibald MacLeish
Champion of a cause
Archibald MacLeish
Letters of Archibald MacLeish, 1907 to 1982

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