David A. King

Country : Grande-Bretagne
Language : anglais
Gender : masculin
Note :
Écrit aussi en français
Professeur d'histoire des sciences. - Directeur de l'Institut pour l'histoire des sciences de l'Université de Francfort-sur-le-Main (en 2012, depuis 1985)
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 1698 0689

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Islamic astronomy and geography
Astrolabes from medieval Europe
Astrolabes and angels, epigrams and enigmas
In synchrony with the heavens Vol. 2
In synchrony with the heavens
In synchrony with the heavens Vol. 1
The ciphers of the monks
World-maps for finding the direction and distance to Mecca
Astronomy in the service of Islam
Islamic mathematical astronomy
Rewriting history through instruments
Some remarks on Islamic scientific manuscripts and instruments and past, present, and future research
La science au service de la religion
A survey of medieval Islamic shadow schemes for simple time-reckoning
Islamic astronomical instruments
A catalogue of the scientific manuscripts in the Egyptian National Library
The astronomy of the Mamluks
Astronomy for landlubbers and navigators
Mathematical astronomy in medieval Yemen
A catalogue of the scientific manuscripts in the Egyptian national library
Le Cadran solaire de la Mosquée d'Ibn ṭūlūn au Caire
Three sundials from Islamic Andalusia
Ibn al-Shāṭir's Sandūq al-yawāqīt, an astronomical "compendium."
On the astronomical tables of the Islamic middle ages
Astronomical timekeeping (ʿIlm al-mīqāt) in medieval Islam
Al-Khalīlī's "Qibla" table
On medieval Islamic multiplication tables
An analog computer for solving problems of the spherical astronomy : the Shakkāzīya quadrant of Jamāl al-Dīn al-Māridīnī
Al-Khalīlī's auxiliary tables for solving problems of spherical astronomy
Ibn Yūnus' Very useful tables for reckoning time by the sun
A double-argument table for the lunar equation attributed to Ibn Yūnus
La science au service de la religion : le cas de l'Islam

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Studies in medieval Islamic technology
Studies in the Islamic exact sciences

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