Richard Rorty (1931-2007)

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Country : États-Unis
Language : anglais
Gender : masculin
Birth : 04-10-1931
Death : 08-06-2007
Note :
Professeur de lettres, University of Virginia (en 1982). - Professeur de philosophie (1970-1981)
Field : Philosophie
Variants of the name : Richard M. Rorty (1931-2007)
Ricard Rorti (1931-2007)
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 2142 9496

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Pragmatism, objectivity, and experience
The practice of political theory
Philosophy as poetry
Trocki- Storczyki-Literatura
The ironist and the romantic
Private Romantik, öffentlicher Pragmatismus?
Mind, language, and metaphilosophy
Richard Rorty, liberalism and cosmopolitanism
Richard Rorty
Pragmatisme et éducation
Réalisme et vérité
Richard Rorty ou L'esprit du temps
Richard Rorty
Pragmatismus und Hermeneutik
Da William James a Richard Rorty
Foucault y Rorty
The philosophy of Richard Rorty
Richard Rorty
Rorty's deconstruction of philosophy and the challenge of African philosophy
Pragmatism as transition
Richard Rorty
Rorty, pragmatism, and Confucianism
Richard Rorty
Disciplining the new pragmatism
Rorty's politics of redescription
Richard Rorty's new pragmatism
Quine, Rorty, Locke
Sensibilität und Solidarität
Richard Rorty
Richard Rorty
Postmodernism and the ethics of theological knowledge
Take care of freedom and truth will take care of itself
A post-philosophical politics
Heidegger, Rorty, and the Eastern thinkers
Richard Rorty
Richard Rorty
Ironie et solidarité
Moral philosophers and the novel
Richard Rorty
Richard Rorty
Richard Rorty
Hinter den Spiegeln
Philosophie ou libertinage
Rorty and his critics
A pragmatist's progress ?
The last conceptual revolution
Pragmatic liberalism and the critique of modernity
The work of friendship
La modernité en questions
The modernist as pragmatist
The two pragmatisms
Solidarity and the stranger
Davidson's theory of truth and its implications for Rorty's pragmatism
Pragmatism, neo-pragmatism, and religion
Recovering pragmatism's voice
My Kantian ways
Solidarity in the conversation of humankind
Rorty and pragmatism
Richard Rorty
Without God or his doubles
Without God or his doubles
Richard Rorty
Lire Rorty
Die Philosophie Richard Rortys
Reading Rorty
After the demise of the tradition
Rorty's humanistic pragmatism
Hermeneutics and praxis

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