Michael Ruse

Language : anglais
Gender : masculin
Note :
Professeur de philosophie des sciences, University of Guelph, Canada (1965-2000), puis, Florida state university, Tallahassee (2000-)
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 0932 064X

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Auteur du texte (29)

The problem of war
On purpose
Darwinism as religion
On faith and science
Science, evolution and religion
Science and spirituality
The Gaia hypothesis
Le darwinisme
The philosophy of human evolution
Science and spirituality
Charles Darwin
Evolution and religion
Darwinism and its discontents
The evolution-creation struggle
Darwin and design
Can a Darwinian be a Christian ?
Mystery of mysteries
Monad to man
Evolutionary naturalism
The darwinian paradigm
The Darwinian paradigm
Taking Darwin seriously
Taking Darwin seriously
Sociobiology : sense or nonsense ?
Is science sexist ?
The darwinian revolution
The Darwinian revolution

Éditeur scientifique (20)

The Cambridge handbook of evolutionary ethics
The Oxford handbook of atheism
The Cambridge encyclopedia of Darwin and evolutionary thought
Complexity and the arrow of time
The Cambridge companion to the "Origin of Species"
Philosophy after Darwin
The paleobiological revolution
The Oxford handbook of philosophy of biology
The Cambridge companion to the philosophy of biology
Debating design
Darwinian heresies
Genetically modified foods
Of the plurality of worlds
Biology and the foundation of ethics
The philosophy of biology
Religion and science
What the philosophy of biology is
But is it science?

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