Lokesh Chandra

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Country : Inde
Language : sanskrit
Gender : masculin
Note :
Écrit aussi en anglais
Orientaliste. - Spécialiste de sanskrit, pali, tibétain, chinois et japonais ; du bouddhisme et des arts de l'Inde. - Membre du Parlement indien (1974-1986). - Secrétaire, International academy of Indian culture, New Delhi (en 1985). - Directeur, International academy of Indian culture, New Delhi (en 2006). - Fils du professeur Raghu Vira
Variants of the name : Lokeśacandra (sanskrit)
लॊकॆशचन्द्र (sanskrit)
Lokesh Chandra (sanskrit)
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0003 6949 8831

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Lokesh Chandra
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Gilgit Buddhist manuscripts
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Sanskrit texts from the Imperial palace at Peking in the Manchurian, Chinese, Mongolian and Tibetan scripts
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The Amarakoṣa in Tibet, being a new Tibetan version by the great grammarian Si-tu
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Tibetan works printed by the Shoparkhang of the Potala
Materials for a history of Tibetan literature
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Les Imprimeries tibétaines de Drepung, Derge et Pepung
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The Rin-lhan and Rin-hbyun, to the memory of professor F. D. Lessing
A new Tibeto-Mongol Pantheon
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Tibetan-Sanskrit dictionary
Tibetan-Sanskrit dictionary
Tibetan-Sanskrit dictionary
Gilgit Buddhist manuscripts
Studies in the Jaiminīya Brāhmaṇa (Book I)
Bhāluśālika or Bhāṇḍaśālika ?
Tibetan-Sanskrit dictionary

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History of Mantrayana in Japan
Sino-Tibetan studies : selected papers on the art, folklore, history, linguistics and prehistory of sciences in China and Tibet
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