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A visitor at Tahquamenon falls, lower, Mi.
[Rassemblement de scouts, Ottawa, Etats-Unis, 1960]
[Vues de New-York et de Chicago]
Long fence, Illinois
Illinois farm, USA
[Bride in church basement]
Pendaison de Birger [à Benton, 19/4/28] (Pacific)
Pendaison de Birger [à Benton, 19/4/28] (Pacific)
Pendaison de Birger [à Benton, 19/4/28] (Pacific)
Pendaison de Birger [à Benton, 19/4/28] (Pacific)
[Recueil. Photographies anonymes antérieures à 1914. Topographie des États-Unis]

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Illinois history
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The natural history of a delinquent career
The time of the French in the heart of North America
French colonial archaeology
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Continuity and change among the old order Amish of Illinois
The Sangamon
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Prehistoric life on the Mississippi floodplain
[Recueil. Catalogues]
Mazon creek fossils
Animal communities in temperate America
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Palynology of the McLeansboro group of Illinois and equivalent strata of Western Kentucky
[Recueil. Rapports présentés à l'assemblée générale]
Wygnańcy polscy w Illinois

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