James Stratton Holmes (1924-1986)

Language : anglais
Birth : 1924
Death : 1986
Note :
Traducteur, théoricien de la traduction. - Professeur, Department of general literary studies, University of Amsterdam
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 1080 6882

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Men and ideas, history, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance
Men and ideas
Men and ideas
A World on the move, a history of colonialism and nationalism in Asia and North Africa from the turn of the century to the Bandung Conference... [by J. M. Romein, W. F. Wertheim and H. M. Van Randwijk. Translated from the Dutch by James S. Holmes and A. Van Marle. Foreword by R. Supolo.]
Indonesian trade and society, essays in Asian social and economic history, by J. C. Van Leur. [Translated by James S. Holmes and A. Van Marle.]

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Literature and translation
The Nature of translation

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