Norman Angell (1874-1967)

Country : Grande-Bretagne
Language : anglais
Gender : masculin
Birth : Holbeach, GB, 26-12-1874
Death : Croydon, GB, 07-10-1967
Note :
Publiciste. - Prix Nobel de la paix
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 2279 8410

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After all, the autobiography of Norman Angell
Lettre. - [1]
L'Empire britannique au service du monde. (Par Sir Norman Angell)
Federal Europe being the case for European federation together with a draft constitution of a United States of Europe... Foreword by Norman Angell with Norman Angell (1874-1967) as Préfacier
Constitution (Basic law) of the Union list of Socialist Soviet Republics (Dralt) with Norman Angell (1874-1967) as Préfacier
La Paix et la Sécurité collective
Preface to peace, a guide for the plain man, by Norman Angell
Peace and the public mind, Nobel Peace Lecture delivered at Oslo June 12th 1935, by Sir Norman Angell
Les assassins invisibles (The unseen assassins)
The Great illusion, 1933, by Norman Angell
The United States and Great Britain, by Carl Russell Fish... Norman Angell... Charles L. Hussey,...
The Unseen assassins, by Norman Angell...
Les illusions de la victoire
Le chaos européen
America and the European war, by Norman Angell
War aims, the need for a parliament of the allies, by Norman Angell,...
The political Conditions of allied success. A plea for the protective Union of the Democracies by Norman Angell,...
Why Freedom matters, by Norman Angell... 2d. impression
Social progress and the Darwinian theory, a study of force as a factor in human relations, by George Nasmyth,... with an introduction by Norman Angell with Norman Angell (1874-1967) as Préfacier
Nationalism, war and society, a study of nationalism and its concomitant, war, in their relation to civilization, and of the fundamentals and the progress of the opposition to war, by Edward Krehbiel,... with an introduction by Norman Angell with Norman Angell (1874-1967) as Préfacier
Shall this war end german militarism ? By Norman Angell
Common-sense patriotism, by A. A. Warden. [Foreword by Norman Angell.] with Norman Angell (1874-1967) as Préfacier
The Dangers of half-preparedness, a-plea for a declaration of American policy, an address by Norman Angell,...
The Snaker contribution to peace. A Challenge, by Norman Angell
The World's Highway, somes notes on America's relation to sea power and non-military sanctions for the law of nations, by Norman Angell,...
La Guerre européenne détruira-t-elle le militarisme allemand ? Traduit de l'anglais... par A. Orzabal de La Quintana
Shall this war end German militarism ? by Norman Angell
America and the New World-State, a plea for American leadership in international organization, by Norman Angell,...
Prussianism and its destruction, with which is reprinted part II. of 'The Great Illusion'. By Norman Angell
The Foundations of international polity, by Norman Angell
What can military force do in Mexico ? By Norman Angell...
The great Illusion, a study of the relation of military Power to fonctional advantage, by Norman Angell
Peace theories and the Balkan war, by Norman Angell,...
La Grande illusion [the Great illusion], par Norman Angell. [2e édition.]
La grande illusion
Europe's optical illusion, by Norman Angell
Die falsche Rechnung und die öffentliche Meinung. (Press-Urteile) (S. l. n. d.) In-8°, XIX p. Norman Angell. Die falsche Rechnung. Was bringt der Krieg ein...
Must it be war ? By Norman Angell.
La Grande illusion, par Norman Angell. [Précédé d'un appendice : L'Opinion publique et 'La Grande illusion'.]
The Menace to our national defence

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Living the great illusion
Norman Angell and the futility of war

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[2 septembre 1925, 24e congrès universel de la paix, à la Sorbonne, de g. à d.] Prof. Raymond Brazley, miss Playne vice-présidente, Norman Angell

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