Etats-Unis. Fish and wildlife service

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Country : États-Unis
Language : anglais
Creation : 1940
Variants of the name : Etats-Unis. Department of the interior. Fish and wildlife service
US Fish and wildlife service

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People and wildlife
People and wildlife
Concepts and practices in Fish and wildlife administration
Wildlife abstracts... 1961-70
Operation of the National wildlife refuge system
Wildlife abstracts...
Planning for wildlife and man
Circular... 338
Circular... 340
Circular... 306
Circular... 312
Circular... 324
Circular... 319
Circular... 322
Circular... 314
Circular... 328
Circular... 296
Bureau of commercial fisheries. Fishery-oceanography center, La Jolla, California
Circular... 307
Tropical Atlantic biological laboratory, Miami, Florida
Circular... 284
Circular... 258
Circular... 255
An economic study of the Boston large-trawler labor force
Circular... 244
Circular... 246
Circular... 242
Birds in our lives
Circular... 245
Circular... 226
Circular... 241
Circular... 240
Circular... 247
Circular... 224
A fisherman looks at reservoirs
Guide for buying fresh and frozen fish and shellfish
Circular... 212
Circular... 223
Circular... 221
Circular... 210
Circular... 220
Circular... 211
Wildlife abstracts... 1956-1960
Anglers' guide to sharks of the Northeastern United States, Maine to Chesapeake bay...
Circular... 199
Circular... 187
Circular... 178
Circular... 183
6 questions everybody asks at National fish hatcheries...
Circular... 149
Circular... 167
This is a pondfish hatchery...
Circular... 159
Indian backgrounds of the Patuxent wildlife research center
Safety manual for fishermen, captains, and owners of New England fishing vessels...
This is a trout hatchery...
Circular... 128
Circular... 140
Circular... 111
Circular... 107
Circular... 120
Circular... 119
Circular... 96
Circular... 109
Circular... 108
The waterfowl councils...
The national aquarium
Circular... 98
Test kitchen series 13
Wildlife abstracts...
Wildlife abstracts... 1952-1955
Circular... 237
Biology of young lake trout ("Salvelinus namaycush") in Lake Michigan
Test kitchen series
[Documents techniques et publicitaires.]
Evaluation of three types of fish rearing ponds
Fish and shellfish preferences of household consumers
[Dépliants touristiques.]
Relative abundance of Maryland shad, 1944-52
Composition of cooked fish dishes. Proximate analysis of dishes containing fish and shellfish, by Charles F. Lee,...
A Visit to a federal fish hatchery
Noxious marine animals of the Central and Western Pacific Ocean, by Charles J. Fish,... and Mary Crutis Cobb,...
Fecundity of Hudson River shad, by Burton A. Lehman,...
Pacific salmon, hatchery propagation and its role in fishery management
Use of impounded water for fish culture, by Harlan E. Johnson,... Richard F. Brice,...
Check list of Philippine fishes, by Albert W. Herre,...
How to cook clams, by Kathryn L. Osterhaug and Rose G. Kerr
Improving duck marshes by weed control
Indexes of transportation rates for fishery products
Muskrat, production and management
Alaska's fish and wildlife
The Progressive fish-culturist
Offshore grounds important to the U.S. haddock fishery, by Howard A. Schuck,...
How to cook ocean perch, by Dorothy M. Robey and Rose G. Kerr
Effect of floodwaters on oysters in Mississippi sound in 1950
How to cook shrimp, by Jean Burtis and Rose G. Kerr
Fish recipes for school lunches
Growth of Pacific coast pilchard fishery to 1942, by Milner B. Schaefer, Oscar E. Sette and John C. Marr,...
Guide to the classification of fishing gear in the Philippines
Shark fishing potentialities of the Philippine seas
Curing of fishery products, by Norman D. Jarvis,...
Fishing gear preservatives for Philippine waters, by John A. Clague and Bienvenido Datingaling,...
Fish processing handbook for the Philippines, by Arthur C. Avery,... Drawings by Pio Medel...
Key to the families of common commercial fishes in the Philippines
Liver oil properties of Philippine sharks and rays, by William S. Hamm,...
Notes on the biology of the tiger shark, (Galeocerdo arcticus) from Philippine waters, by Donald E. Kauffman,...
Otter trawl explorations in Philippine waters
Bacteriological studies of Philippine fishery products, by John A. Clague,... and Crisanto Almario,...
Raccoons of North and Middle America, by Edward A. Goldman... Foreword, appendix and revision of bibliography, by Hartley H. T. Jackson
Some biological effects of ditching tidewater marshes, by Warren S. Bourn,... and Clarence Cottam,...
Temperature and salt purity effects on the manufacture of fish paste and sauce, by William S. Hamm and John A. Clague,...
Test kitchen series
Test kitchen series
La Lutte contre les rats...
Rat-control methods
Fluctuations in the abundance of the blue crab in Chesapeake Bay, by John C. Pearson,...
Guarding our wildlife resources, by Rachel L. Carson...
The Pocket gophers (genus Thomomys) of Arizona, by Edward A. Goldman
Habits, food and economic status of the band-tailed pigeon, by Johnson A. Neff
Identifying injury by wildlife to trees and shrubs in Northeastern forests, by John Pearce
Determination of water quality
Fishery statistics of the United States, 1942 [-1947]
Reaction of oysters to chlorination, by Paul S. Galtsoff
Care and diseases of trout, by H. S. Davis. Revised edition...
Study of the Alaska tundra with reference to its reactions to reindeer and other grazing, by Lawrence J. Palmer and Charles H. Rouse
Organizations and officials concerned with wildlife protection, 1945
Big-game resources of the United States, 1937-1942
Preparation and keeping quality of lightly smoked mackerel by Maurice E. Stansby and Francis P. Griffiths
Organizations and officials concerned with wildlife protection, 1942
Principles and methods in the canning of fishery products, by Norman D. Jarvis
Fishery statistics of the United States...
The White-necked raven in relation to agriculture, by Shaler E. Aldous
Propagation and distribution of food fishes for the calendar years...
Alaska fishery and fur seal industries...
Fishery statistics of the United States, 1939 [-1941]
Use of lime in controlling starfish, by Victor L. Loosanoff and James B. Engle
The Effect of heat and moisture on the feeding value of pilchard meal, by William B. Lanham, jr. and Hugo W. Nilson
Metabolism studies with algin and gelatin, by Hugo W. Nilson and J. M. Lemon
Acquisition of national wildlife refuge lands under the Migratory bird conservation act...
Attwater's prairie chicken, its life history and management, by Valgene W. Lehmann
Text of federal laws relating to the protection of wildlife. Compiled in the Division of Public relations
Studies on the handling of fresh mackerel, Scomber scombrus, by M. E. Stansby and J. M. Lemon
Silver fox pup values in relation to date of birth, age of vixens and other factors, by Chas. E. Kellogg
A Study of vitamin A in the nutrition of foxes
Circular... 111
Food habits of the coyote, by Charles C. Sperry
Regulations relating to migratory birds and certain game mammals. 1940
Information for the guidance of fieldmen and cooperators of the Fish and wildlife service engaged in the control of predatory animals and injurious rodents...
Officials and organizations concerned with wildlife protection. 1940...
North American fauna
Test kitchen series 15
Test kitchen series 14
Fishery resources of the United States of America

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The Collected papers of Ralph Hile 1
The Collected papers of Ralph Hile 2
The Collected papers of Ralph Hile
Waterfowl tomorrow
United States Department of the interior. Fish and wildlife service... Federal regulation governing the hunting
United States Department of the interior. Fish and wildlife service... Federal regulations governing the hunting
Hints on bobcat trapping
Hints on coyote and wolf trapping
Federal aid in fish restoration...
How to cook salmon, by Kathryn L. Osterhaug and Rose G. Kerr
Fish cookery for one hundred, by Rose G. Kerr,...
Migration of birds
Bear River, a national wildlife refuge
Basic fish cookery, by Rose G. Kerr,...
How to cook oysters, by Rose G. Kerr and Jean Burtis,...
Wheeler, a national wildlife refuge, by Thomas Z. Atkeson...
Okefenokee, a national wildlife refuge, by J. Clark Salyer II and Frank Dufresne...
English and local common names of Philippine fishes
Effects of D.D.T. and other insecticides on fish and wildlife
Chincoteague, a national wildlife refuge, by Rachel L. Carson...
Parker River, a national wildlife refuge, by Rachel L. Carson...
Federal duck stamps and their place in waterfowl conservation, by Edna N. Sater...
Mattamuskeet, a national refuge, by Rachel L. Carson...
D.D.T., its effect on fish and wildlife
The mourning dove as a game bird
Capturing foxes
Regulations relating to game and fur animals, birds, and game fishes in Alaska
Mammals and birds of Alaska
Fish and wildlife service. Statistical digest...
Laws and regulations for the protection of walruses and sea-lions in Alaska...
Hints on wolf and coyote trapping
Hints on bobcat trapping
Federal aid in wildlife restoration...
Federal aid in wildlife restoration...
A crisis in the haddock fishery
Regulations relating to migratory birds and certain game mammals...
Wildlife of the Atlantic coast salt marshes
Laws and regulations for protection of the commercial fisheries of Alaska. Regulatory announcement...
The House rat, by James Silver
Pseudopregnancy in domestic rabbits
An improved method for revealing the surface structure of fur fibers, by J. I. Hardy and Thora M. Plitt
Research report...
Wildlife research bulletin
Statistical digest...
Test kitchen series. N°...
Conservation in action...
Wildlife circular...
Regulatory announcement...

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