David T. Runia

Language : anglais
Gender : masculin
Variants of the name : Douwe Theunis Runia
D. T. Runia
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0000 6630 8068

Activities of David T. Runia (21)

Auteur du texte (12)

Philo of Alexandria
Studies in the doxographical traditions of ancient philosophy
Aëtiana Volume two. - Part One
Aëtiana Volume two. - Part Two
Philo of Alexandria
Filone di Alessandria nella prima letteratura cristiana
Philo and the church fathers
Philo in early christian literature
Exegesis and philosophy
Philo of Alexandria
Philo of Alexandria and the " Timaeus " of Plato

Éditeur scientifique (7)

Commentary on Plato's "Timaeus" Volume 2
On the creation of the cosmos according to Moses
Aëtiana volume one
Plotinus amid Gnostics and Christians

Traducteur (1)

Anonymous philosophical treatise

Autre (1)

Philo of Alexandria, On cultivation

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