Israël. Knesset

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Country : Israël
Language : hébreu
Note :
Parlement à chambre unique élu pour 4 ans au scrutin proportionnel et national
Field : Histoire du reste du monde
Variant of the name : Israël. Knesseth

Activities of Israël. Knesset (6 resources in

Textual works (6)

Budget speech by Foreign minister Abba Eban
The Ghetto uprising : our heritage and challenge
Basic principles of the new government's programme
Progress and prospects. Budget address by the Minister of finance... delivered in the Knesset on January 5, 1959
Résolution de la Knesseth au sujet du réarmement de l'Allemagne
New citizen in new state with Israël. Knesset as Editor

Documents about Israël. Knesset (12 resources in

Books (12)

Hamaʿareket hapwliyṭiyt byiśraʾel
ʿEzer knegdah
HaHa"K kimḥwqeq
Bḥartiyka wmʾastiyka
Ben-Gurion against the Knesset
Major Knesset debates, 1948-1981
Elections and voters in Israel
ʾAdwniy haYwšeb-roʾš, Kneset bmašber
The parliamentary system of Israel
Results of elections to the tenth Knesset, 30-6-1981
The Knesset
HaKneset lahalakah wlmaʿaśeh

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