Vie intellectuelle -- États-Unis -- 20e siècle

Topic : Vie intellectuelle -- États-Unis -- 20e siècle
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Wise men fished here
Postales de la contracultura
Transatlantic aliens
When Hollywood was right
A companion to the literature and culture of the American west
Conservative intellectuals and Richard Nixon
The world turned inside out
Cary Nelson and the struggle for the university
América-una trama integral
Lewis Mumford
Lovers and knowers
The Cambridge companion to modern American culture
The American discovery of tradition, 1865-1942
Exile, science and Bildung
Voix dans la nuit
Mandarins of the future
The Scarlet professor
American cultural studies
Randall Jarrell and his age
Democracy, culture and the voice of poetry
The writings of Richard Stern
The color of race in America, 1900-1940
The making of the cold war enemy
Twentieth-century American cultural theorists
Trading twelves
Mosaic modernism
Henry Steele Commager
Postmodernism rightly understood
Heresy in the university
The Devil knows Latin
Edmund Wilson
The end of the American avant garde
Left intellectuals and popular culture in twentieth-century America
The end of American innocence
Twentieth-century America
Twentieth-century America
The dance with community
The challenge of our time
The age of doubt
Rebellion against Victorianism
Beloved community
Irving Layton and Robert Creeley
Giants and dwarfs
Religion and twentieth-century American intellectual life
Ben Shahn
The Catholic counterculture in America
The Closing of the American mind
The Rise of the New York intellectuals
The Liberal mind in a conservative age
Culture as history
Refugee scholars in America
Het Radikale temperament
La Ricerca in America
Popular culture and high culture
The long march

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