William Cecil (1520-1598)

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Country : Grande-Bretagne
Language : anglais
Gender : masculin
Birth : Bourne, GB, 13-09-1520
Death : Londres, 04-08-1598
Note :
Secrétaire d' État sous Édouard VI et Élizabeth I. - Grand trésorier d' Angleterre
Variants of the name : William Cecil Burghley (baron, 1520-1598)
William Cecil Burleigh (baron, 1520-1598)
Guilielmus Burghleius (baron, 1520-1598)
Lord Burghley (1520-1598)
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 2142 8768

Activities of William Cecil (1520-1598) (13)

Auteur du texte (8)

The Letters of Lord Burghley, William Cecil, to his son Sir Robert Cecil, 1593–1598
The Execution of justice in England
Queen Elizabeth and her times, a series of original letters, selected from the inedited private correspondence of the lord treasurer Burghley, the Earl of Leicester, the secretaries Walsingham and Smith, sir Christopher Hatton and most of the distinguished persons of the period
Scrinia Ceciliana
The Compleat ambassador, or Two treaties of the intended marriage of qu. Elizabeth
Discours veritable de diverses conspirations nagueres descouvertes contre la propre vie de la tresexcellente Majesté de la Roine
Justitia Britannica
Justitia britannica. - [1]

Auteur présumé du texte (4)

La copie d'une lettre envoyée d'Angleterre à Dom Bernardin de Mendoze, ambassadeur en france pour le Roi d'Espagne
De summa eorum clementia, qui habendis quæstionibus præfuerant, contra proditores quosdam, deque ; tormentis quæ in eosdem, ob proditionem, non ob religionem, expromta sunt.
The copie of a letter written by one in London to his frend concernyng the credit of the late published detection of the doynges if trhe Ladie Marie of Scotland.
De summa eorum clementia, qui habendis quaestionibus praefuerant, contrà proditores quosdam, deque tormentis quae in eosdem, ob proditionem, non ob religionem, exprompta sunt. - [1]

Autre (1)

Lord Burghley's map of Lancashire in 1590, with notes on the designated manorial lords, biographical and genealogical, and brief histories of their estates traced down to the present day, by Joseph Gillow,...

Documents about William Cecil (1520-1598) (10)

Livres (10)

The Letters of Lord Burghley, William Cecil, to his son Sir Robert Cecil, 1593–1598
William Cecil, Ireland, and the Tudor state
Edmund Spenser's war on Lord Burghley
William Cecil and Episcopacy, 1559-1577
Patronage, culture, and power
The early Elizabethan polity
The "Anonymous life" of William Cecil, Lord Burghley
Lettre inédite de Jules de Belleville Languillier à Lord Burghley, grand trésorier d'Angleterre, 1572

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