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Entre ciel et mer

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Andaman, les îles invisibles

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A grammar of the great Andamanese language
Birds of the Great Andamanese
Imperial Andamans
Savagery and colonialism in the Indian Ocean
Indian Uprising of 1857-58
Sumatra-Andaman earthquake and tsunami 26 december 2004
Great Andamanese past and present
Archaeology and history
Svatantratā senāniyoṃ kā bandīnāmā Bhāga-2
Lonely islands
Island tribes of Andaman & Nicobar
Development strategy for the Andaman
Encyclopaedia of India Vol. XII-XIII
A history of our relations with the Andamanese
The Andaman Islanders
The Indian islanders
The Andaman islands
The Andaman Islanders
On the aboriginal inhabitants of the Andaman Islands

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