Topic : Porphyrines
Source file : RAMEAU
Field : Biologie
Variant subject headings : Porfirine (italien)

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Quantum-chemical studies on porphyrins, fullerenes and carbon nanostructures
The siamese-twin porphyrin and its copper and nickel complexes
Handbook of porphyrins
Vitamin B12 and related systems
Coordination chemistry and materials
Biophysical and physicochemical studies of tetrapyrroles
Chlorophylls and related systems
Biochemistry of Tetrapyrroles Part II
Applications and materials
Synthetic developments Part I
Synthetic developments Part II
Photosensitizers in medicine, environment, and security
Biochemistry of tetrapyrroles
Theoretical, electron transfer and physical studies
Synthesis and structural studies
Handbook of porphyrin science 12
Catalysis and bio-inspired systems part 2
Catalysis and bio-inspired systems part 1
STM investigation of molecular architectures of porphyrinoids on a Ag(111) surface
Hene proteins
Phototherapy, radioimmunotherapy and imaging
Synthetic methodology
Synthesis and coordination chemistry
Supramolecular chemistry
NMR and ETR techniques
Physicochemical characterization
Open-chain oligopyrrole systems
Electronic absorption spectra-phthalocyanines
Non-covalent multi-porphyrin assemblies
Non-covalent multi-porphyrin assemblies
Monosubstituted phosphorescent metalloporphyrin labeling reagents, syntheses and applications in bioanalysis
The porphyrin handbook
Expanded, contracted & isomeric porphyrins
Metal Complexes with Tetrapyrrole Ligands III
Porphyric pesticides
Metalloporphyrins in catalytic oxidations
Metalloporphyrins catalyzed oxidations
Harderian glands
Photochemistry of polypyridine and porphyrin complexes
Metal Complexes with Tetrapyrrole Ligands II
Vitamins and coenzymes Part H
Porphyrins and porphyrias
The Porphyrins
The chlorophylls

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