William Hardy McNeill (1917-2016)

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Country : États-Unis
Language : anglais
Gender : masculin
Birth : 31-10-1917
Death : 08-07-2016
Note :
A été Professeur d'histoire à l'Université de Chicago, Ill.
Variants of the name : William Hardy Mc Neill (1917-2016)
William Hardy MacNeill (1917-2016)
William Hardy Mac Neill (1917-2016)
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 1624 6038

Activities of William Hardy McNeill (1917-2016) (44)

Auteur du texte (37)

The global condition
L'art de marquer le temps
Het menselijk web
A world history
Keeping together in time
La recherche de la puissance
Population and politics since 1750
Arnold J. Toynbee
Mythistory and other essays
Polyethnicity and national unity in world history
Venezia, il cardine d'Europa
The Great frontier
The Metamorphosis of Greece since World War II
Le Temps de la peste
Plagues and peoples
Venice: the hinge of Europe, 1081-1797
The Shape of European history
World Relationships, July 1. 1964
Europe's steppe frontier, 1500-1800
The Rise of the West
The world 1763 to 1848
World War II and aftermath to 1950
Ancient Empires circa A.D. 100
Ancient Empires to 200 B.C.
Background of World War II
Barbarian invasions and world religions to A.D. 600
Barbarian invasions and world religions to A.D. 600
Barbarian invasions and World religions to A.D. 600
The Bronze age and ancient Empires to 550 B. C.
Mongol ascendancy to A.D. 1300
Moslem ascendancy to A.D. 1100
World origin of man
Changing ways of living. 3000 B.C. - A.D. 1
America, Britain and Russia, their co-operation and conflict, 1941-1946
Report on the Greeks, findings of a twentieth century fund team which surveyed conditions in Greece in 1947, by Frank Smothers, William Hardy Mc Neill, Elizabeth Darbishire Mc Neill
Hutchin's university
The Greek dilemma

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The disruption of traditional forms of nurture
Human migration
Beginnings of European ascendancy to 1600
European wars and expansion to 1763
World relationships today

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Background of World War I. to 1914

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Revolt in Athens

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