Poésie anglaise -- 19e siècle

Topic : Poésie anglaise -- 19e siècle
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Field : Littératures
Variant subject headings : Poésie anglaise du 19e siècle
Poésie victorienne

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Amorous aethetics
Wordsworth's poetry, 1815-1845
Fossil poetry
The Romantic poetry handbook
Spain in British Romanticism
Awful parenthesis
The political poetess
Madness and the romantic poet
Imagined homelands
The Victorian verse-novel
Romanticism, self-canonization, and the business of poetry
Wordsworth and the green romantics
The romantics reviewed : contemporary reviews of British romantic writers Part C
Nineteenth-century poetry
The Daniel Press & The Garland of Rachel
Translation as transformation in Victorian poetry
The romantic imagination and astronomy
The ocean, the bird, and the scholar
Poetry and the thought of song in nineteenth-century Britain
Second person singular
The ghost behind the masks
The Orient and the young romantics
Politics in English romantic poetry
Literature and the growth of British nationalism
The Victorian poet
The poetry of Victorian scientists
The late poetry of the Lake poets
Soft-shed kisses
The heart's events
Class and the canon
The artistry of exile
The Oxford handbook of Victorian poetry
Form and faith in Victorian poetry and religion
Sound intentions
The poet's mind
The Cambridge introduction to British romantic poetry
The rise and fall of meter
Reading Romantic poetry
Victorian wastelands
A companion to romantic poetry
Victorian poetry, Europe, and the challenge of cosmopolitanism
Lives of the sonnet, 1787-1895
Revelation and knowledge
Victorian poets and the changing Bible
Meter matters
The major Victorian poets
Modern poetry and ethnography
A companion to romantic poetry
Victorian poetry now
Women, epic, and transition in British Romanticism
Romantic fiat
Gothic romanticism
From song to print
Written on the water
The Cambridge introduction to Victorian poetry
La belleza pétrea, la belleza líquida
Romanticism and the androgynous sublime revisited
The facts on file companion to British poetry
Masculinity in four Victorian epics
Mystical themes and occult symbolism in modern poetry
Wordsworth translated
The meaning of "Life" in Romantic poetry and poetics
British women poets and the romantic writing community
Darwin's bards
Science and sensation in romantic poetry
British labouring-class nature poetry, 1730-1837
The ocean bards
Balladeering, minstrelsy, and the making of British romantic poetry
Ecstasy and understanding
The Cambridge companion to British romantic poetry
Crime in verse
The Lake poets and professional identity
Wordsworth and Coleridge
What's the import
Romanticism and the rise of the mass public
Romanticism and form
Professing sincerity
Little songs
The romantic poets
Keats and English romanticism in Japan
The hummingbird cabinet
Power, plain English, and the rise of modern poetry
Victorian poetry and the culture of the heart
The invention of evening
Allegories of one's own mind
The figure of music in nineteenth-century British poetry
The nineteenth-century sonnet
The poetry of indifference
From Wordsworth to Stevens
The perversity of poetry
Romantic rocks, aesthetic geology
Poetical remains
Sincerity's shadow
Victorian women poets
Romanticism, enthusiasm, and regulation
Le poetesse romantiche inglesi
Romanticism and millenarianism
A companion to Victorian poetry
Tradition and the poetics of self in Nineteenth-century women's poetry
The rhetoric of Romantic prophecy
The female sublime from Milton to Swinburne
Roman et poésie en Grande-Bretagne au XIXe siècle
The realms of verse, 1830-1870
Heroes and housewives
Fathoming metaphors
Poetic exhibitions
Late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century British women poets
The politics of Romantic poetry
Mid-Victorian poetry, 1860-1879
Green writing
The Cambridge companion to Victorian poetry
'Itching after rhyme'
Fernando Pessoa and nineteenth-century Anglo-American literature
The romantic paradox
Private and public voices in Victorian poetry
Victorians in theory
The poetics of disappointment
Romanticism, lyricism, and history
Rhythm and will in Victorian poetry
Songs and verse of the North-East pitmen c. 1780-1844
Romantic atheism
Apocalypse and millennium in English romantic poetry
Romantic poets and the culture of posterity
"If mine had been the painter's hand"
The orphaned imagination
Dante and the Victorians
British Romantic poets
Masters of repetition
Necessity, freedom and transcendence in the romantic poets
Lyric and labour in the Romantic tradition
Romantic theatricality
Romanticism and the self-conscious poem
The Romantic reformation
Roman et poésie en Angleterre au XIXe siècle
Formal charges
The Apocalypse in England
Frost's road taken
The poetics of sensibility
A moment's monument
Sex, drugs, and madness in poetry from William Blake to Christina Rossetti
Gender, genre and the Romantic poets
William Wordsworth
The poetry of opposition and revolution
Victorian poetry
Majestic indolence
Milton, the metaphysicals, and romanticism
Islam and romantic Orientalism
The circle of our vision
Late Victorian poetry 1880-1899
Victorian poetry
British poetry of the Nineteenth century
Influence and resistance in nineteenth-century English poetry
English poetry of the Victorian period
Victorian women poets
English Romantic poetry
Oracles and hierophants
The English line
Une littérature révolutionaire en Grande-Bretagne
The discourse of self in Victorian poetry
A mind that feeds upon infinity
Victorian poets and romantic poems
The post-romantics
British romantic poets, 1789-1832
Plato and the English romantics
British romantic poets, 1789-1832
An annotated critical bibliography of Augustan poetry
Roberts Brownings kunstthematische Dichtung
Pre-romanticism in english poetry of the eighteenth century
The English Romantic poets
The Printed voice of Victorian poetry
Doubt and identity in romantic poetry
Intervals of inspiration
The Lucid veil
The Poetics of Epiphany
Gedichtanthologien der viktorianischen Zeit
Poetic form and British romanticism
The Romantic fragment poem
The Interpretation of Belief
Erasmus Darwin and the Romantic poets
Victorian and modern poetics
The Poet and his audience
The romantic mother
Dante and English poetry
Gardens and grim ravines
The romantic ideology
Romantic horizons
English romanticism
The Victorian experience
The London muse
Language as living form in nineteenth-century poetry
The avatars of thrice great Hermes
Stylistic media of Byron's satire
The Myth of the Golden age in English romantic poetry
The accomplishments of memory in Coleridge
Poetry of the Romantic period
The Line in the margin
A romantic view of poetry
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