Jacques I (roi d'Écosse, 1394-1437)

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Language : anglais
Birth : 1394
Death : 20-02-1437
Note :
Roi d'Écosse de 1406 à 1437
Variant of the name : James I (roi d'Écosse, 1394-1437)
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 0892 8004

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Spring song of the birds
The Kingis quair and the Quare of Jelusy. [By king James the first, of Scotland.] Edited, with introduction, notes, appendix and glossary, by Alexander Lawson,...
Mediaeval Scottish poetry. King James the first. Robert Henryson. William Dunbar. Gavin Douglas
Poetical remains of James the first, king of Scotland. [Edited by W. Tytler.]
Cantilena rustica vulgo inscripta : Christs kirk on the green. - [1]
Prologue. - [1]

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Le Livre du roi

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Death and dissent
James I
Middle Scots poets

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