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Les médecins volants
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Wild articulations
Plants of central Queensland
A grammar and lexicon of Yintyingka
Hot modernism
Sex, soldiers and the South Pacific, 1939-45
Field guide to the frogs of Queensland
Queensland's threatened animals
Rock of Ages
Writers' footprints
Before time today
Strategies for maximising sugarcane yield with limited water
By the book
Violence and colonial dialogue
A history of Queensland
Par-delà les solitudes du bush australien
Undersea jewels
Australian languages
Words to walk by
Of marriage, violence and sorcery
Regional variation in the material culture of hunter gatherers
Fruit fly fighters
Johannes Bjelke-Petersen
Stinging trees and wait-a-while
Colonial genocide
Australia's lost world
Old man fog and the last aborigenes of Barrow Point
Constructions of colonialism
The sex industry
Sculpture Satellite '96
Aboriginal labour and the cattle industry
Cane and labour
Whitefella comin'
Demographic history of Queensland
Reaching back
Proud intrepid heart
A Documentary history of Queensland
An Australian Miocene Brachipposideros (mammalia, chiroptera) related to miocene, representatives from France
Italian in North Queensland
A new species of lampropholis (lacertilia : scincidae) from the rainforests of northeastern Queensland

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