Vie intellectuelle -- Europe -- 17e siècle

Topic : Vie intellectuelle -- Europe -- 17e siècle
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La France et l'Europe du Nord au XVIIe siècle
Neue Diskurse der Gelehrtenkultur in der frühen Neuzeit
L'Europe de Peiresc
The cult of emptiness
The philosopher, the priest, and the painter
Science in the age of Baroque
Western visions of the Far East in a transpacific age, 1522-1657
Between Scylla and Charybdis
Kritik in der Frühen Neuzeit
Making publics in early modern Europe
Traduzioni e circolazione delle idee nella cultura europea tra '500 e '700
Transforming the republic of letters
Les Lumières radicales
Land und Meer
Barokní Praha - barokní Čechie 1620-1740
Beyond Calvin
Athanasius Kircher
Christine de Suède
Fractured Europe
Christine de Suède
La reine Christine
Radical enlightenment
La reine Christine
Perspectives on early modern and modern intellectual history
La transmission du savoir dans l'Europe des XVIe et XVIIe siècles
Sexuality and form
Peiresc's Europe
Die gebändigte Flamme
Libertinage et philosophie au XVIIe siècle 3
Aspect de la tradition alchimique au XVIIe siècle
The tessera of Antilia
Science, politics and universities in Europe
History and the disciplines
Le loisir lettré à l'âge classique
Printed commonplace-books and the structuring of Renaissance thought
Spinoza in der europäischen Geistesgeschichte
Scepticism and irreligion in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries
Le università dell'Europa
Science, culture and popular belief in Renaissance Europe
The Idea of the Renaissance
Horizons européens de la littérature française au XVIIe siècle
The struggle for stability in early modern Europe

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