Topic : Xénobiotiques
Source file : RAMEAU
Field : Biologie
Variant subject headings : Composés étrangers
Composés xénobiotiques
Produits chimiques étrangers
Xenobiotici (italien)

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Immunopathology in toxicology and drug development 1
Xenobiotics in the soil environment
Immunopathology in toxicology and drug development 2
Plant responses to xenobiotics
Metabolic profiling
Handbook of metabolic pathways of xenobiotics
Traité de toxicologie médico-judiciaire
Metabolism of drugs and other xenobiotics
Activation and detoxification enzymes
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Cytochromes P450
Dangerous pollutants (xenobiotics) in urban water cycle
Cytochromes P450
Enzyme systems that metabolise drugs and other xenobiotics
Xenobiotics in fish
Toxicant-receptor interactions
Toxicologie et pharmacologie médicolégales
Xenobiotics and inflammation
Conjugation-deconjugation reactions in drug metabolism and toxicity
Xenobiotic metabolism and disposition
The Isolated hepatocyte
Xenobiotic conjugation chemistry
Age and susceptibility to toxic substances
Metabolic basis of detoxication
Detoxication and drug metabolism
Enzymatic basis of detoxication

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