Ingénierie des systèmes

Topic : Ingénierie des systèmes
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Field : Technique
Variant subject headings : Ingegneria dei sistemi (italien)
Systèmes, Ingénierie des

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Ingénierie et qualité du logiciel et des systèmes
AAAF first international CS2E conference, complex and safe systems engineering
Computational engineering in systems applications
Matra datavision up close

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Maîtrise des risques et sûreté de fonctionnement

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Marc-Olivier Killijan, roboticien
Matthieu Roy, roboticien
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Manuel de sciences industrielles de l'ingénieur
Disciplinary convergence in systems engineering research
Survivrons-nous à la technologie ?
Les clés de l'ingénierie des systèmes
Engineering systems reliability, safety, and maintenance
Systems engineering
Systèmes, architectures, intégration
Applied state estimation and association
Systems, automation & control
Air and missile defense systems engineering
System engineering management
Cyber-physical systems of systems
Cutaneous haptic feedback in robotic teleoperation
Agile systems engineering
Systems product line engineering handbook
Systems design and engineering
Design eines Faraday-Effekt-Stromsensors
Test eines Faraday-Effekt-Stromsensors
Formal Modeling and Verification of Cyber-Physical Systems
Reflektierender Faraday-Effekt-Stromsensor
Transmittierender Faraday-Effekt-Stromsensor
Ausgewählte Sensorschaltungen
Aufgaben und Lösungen zur Schaltungsdarstellung und Simulation elektromechanischer Systeme
CMOS Circuits for Piezoelectric Energy Harvesters
Plug In Electric Vehicles in Smart Grids
Thermal effects in supercapacitors
Wideband CMOS Receivers
CMOS 60-GHz and E-band power amplifiers and transmitters
A route to chaos using FPGAs
Power-Efficient High-Speed Parallel-Sampling ADCs for Broadband Multi-carrier Systems
On the Mathematical Modeling of Memristor, Memcapacitor, and Meminductor
Design of arithmetic circuits in quantum dot cellular automata nanotechnology
Ultra-low-voltage design of energy-efficient digital circuits
Spintronics-based computing
Fault Tolerant Control for Switched Linear Systems
Smart Sensors and Systems
Counterfeit Integrated Circuits
Design of Switched-Capacitor Filter Circuits using Low Gain Amplifiers
Circuit design on plastic foils
Fractional Linear Systems and Electrical Circuits
Motion and Operation Planning of Robotic Systems
Recent trends in intelligent and emerging systems
On-Chip Electro-Static Discharge (ESD) Protection for Radio-Frequency Integrated Circuits
Dynamic Memory Management for Embedded Systems
Visual Signal Quality Assessment
CMOS Continuous-Time Adaptive Equalizers for High-Speed Serial Links
Alternating Current Multi-Circuit Electric Machines
Design and Modeling of Inductors, Capacitors and Coplanar Waveguides at Tens of GHz Frequencies
Stimulation and Recording Electrodes for Neural Prostheses
Debug Automation from Pre-Silicon to Post-Silicon
Out-of-order Parallel Discrete Event Simulation for Electronic System-level Design
Current Conveyors
Hardware/Software Co-Design and Optimization for Cyberphysical Integration in Digital Microfluidic Biochips
Arbitrary Modeling of TSVs for 3D Integrated Circuits
Carbon for Sensing Devices
Languages, Design Methods, and Tools for Electronic System Design
Flip-Flop Design in Nanometer CMOS
Silicon analog components
Thermal sensors
More than Moore Technologies for Next Generation Computer Design
CMOS Test and Evaluation
CMOS Circuits for Electromagnetic Vibration Transducers
Multi-Net Optimization of VLSI Interconnect
Managing and engineering complex technological systems
Contemporary issues in systems science and engineering
Plug In Electric Vehicles in Smart Grids
A practical guide to SysML
Marine systems identification, modeling and control
Blind Source Separation
Static compensators (STATCOMs) in power systems
New trends on system science and engineering
Computational Advancement in Communication Circuits and Systems
Wireless-Netzwerke für den Nahbereich
Data Transmission at Millimeter Waves
Intelligent monitoring, control, and security of critical infrastructure systems
Comparators in Nanometer CMOS Technology
Design and Analysis of Spiral Inductors
Cyber-physical systems
L'ingénierie système d'une ligne de produits
Ordonnancement dans les systèmes temps réel
Bonnes pratiques en expression du besoin
Supervision des systèmes industriels
System requirements analysis
Identification of physical systems
Designing high availability systems
Analytical routes to chaos in nonlinear engineering
Engineering haptic devices
Introduction to embedded systems
Energy-Efficient Fault-Tolerant Systems
Routing Algorithms in Networks-on-Chip
Linear CMOS RF Power Amplifiers
Systems design for remote healthcare
System dynamics
The Art of Software Thermal Management for Embedded Systems
Cognitive Radio Receiver Front-Ends
Ultra-Wideband, Short-Pulse Electromagnetics 10
CMOS IC Design for Wireless Medical and Health Care
Control and estimation of piecewise affine systems
System-Level Design Methodologies for Telecommunication
EMI-resilient amplifier circuits
Pipelined Multiprocessor System-on-Chip for Multimedia
MOSFET Technologies for Double-Pole Four-Throw Radio-Frequency Switch
Broadband Direct RF Digitization Receivers
Models, methods, and tools for complex chip design
Electronic Design Automation of Analog ICs combining Gradient Models with Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithms
Wireless Communication Electronics by Example
Terahertz Planar Antennas for Next Generation Communication
Design-for-Test and Test Optimization Techniques for TSV-based 3D Stacked ICs
Optimal Design of Distributed Control and Embedded Systems
Synthesis and optimization of FPGA-based systems
Continuous-Time Digital Front-Ends for Multistandard Wireless Transmission
A concise guide to chaotic electronic circuits
Controlling Radiated Emissions by Design
The magic ring
Industrial cloud-based cyber-physical systems
High Speed and Wide Bandwidth Delta-Sigma ADCs
Hybrid Fault Tolerance Techniques to Detect Transient Faults in Embedded Processors
Advanced information systems engineering workshops
Applied methods and techniques for mechatronic systems
The Art of Wireless Sensor Networks
Electrocaloric materials
Design and Control of Hybrid Active Power Filters
Digital signal processing with field programmable gate arrays
Collaborative design for embedded systems
Truncated Predictor Feedback for Time-Delay Systems
Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Man-Machine-Environment System Engineering
Advanced field-solver techniques for RC extraction of integrated circuits
Algebraic circuits
Sensoren für die Prozess- und Fabrikautomation
Power Converters for Medium Voltage Networks
Micro and smart devices and systems
Non-Linear Feedback Neural Networks
An introduction to modelling of power system components
Flash memories
Poly-SiGe for MEMS-above-CMOS sensors
Electrical design of through silicon via
Knowledge engineering and management
EMV-gerechte Schirmung
Architectures for baseband signal processing
Les grands systèmes socio-techniques (GSST)
Electrothermal frequency references in standard CMOS
Analog IC Reliability in Nanometer CMOS
L'ingénierie système
Systèmes complexes
Situation awareness with systems of systems
Guide to modeling and simulation of systems of systems
Robust filtering and fault detection of switched delay systems
Rural electrification through decentralised off-grid systems in developing countries
Dynamic Reconfiguration in Real-Time Systems
Compilation and Synthesis for Embedded Reconfigurable Systems
Fast Hopping Frequency Generation in Digital CMOS
Model-based methodologies for pervasive and embedded software
Engineering safe and secure software systems
Diagnostics and prognostics of engineering systems
Constraining Designs for Synthesis and Timing Analysis
Diagnostics and prognostics of engineering systems
Energy-Efficient Communication Processors
Self-Organization in Embedded Real-Time Systems
The system concept and its application to engineering
A Combined Data and Power Management Infrastructure
A practical introduction to hardware/software codesign
Model based systems engineering
Modeling, analysis and optimization of network-on-chip communication architectures
Advanced optical communications systems and networks
Inside Solid State Drives (SSDs)
Managing and engineering in complex situations
IUTAM Symposium on Nonlinear Dynamics for Advanced Technologies and Engineering Design
Bordnetze und Powermanagement
Engineering multi-agent systems
Enterprise information systems
High mobility and quantum well transistors
Advanced information systems engineering
Advances in enterprise engineering VII
Pinning Control of Complex Networked Systems
Factors Governing Tin Whisker Growth
Systemic thinking
Proceedings of International Conference on VLSI, Communication, Advanced Devices, Signals & Systems and Networking (VCASAN-2013)
Industrial deployment of system engineering methods
Nonlinear system identification
Control and optimisation of process systems
Systems engineering agile design methodologies
Advanced information systems engineering
Design technology for heterogeneous embedded systems
Guide to FPGA implementation of arithmetic functions
Hardware/software co-design for heterogeneous multi-core platforms
From Scientific Instrument to Industrial Machine
Design structure matrix methods and applications
Analyse linearer und nichtlinearer elektrischer Schaltungen
Engineering systems
L'adaptation dans tous ses états
Bonnes pratiques en ingénierie des exigences
Ubimob 2012
Ingénierie système
Découvrir et comprendre l'ingénierie système
Innovations in embedded and real-time systems engineering for communication
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