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Country : États-Unis
Language : anglais
Creation : 1807
Commercial activities : Éditeur
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Address : 111 River Street, Siège social, N.J. 07030-5774, Hoboken.
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Maison d'édition spécialisée dans la publication de revues scientifiques, d'ouvrages techniques, universitaires et encyclopédiques. - Fondée à New York par Charles Wiley (1782-1826) et reprise par son fils John, en partenariat avec George Putnam de 1834 à 1847. - A racheté au cours du 20e siècle d'autres éditeurs universitaires, anglo-saxons pour la plupart, et possède des filiales à travers le monde
Variants of the name : Charles Wiley and co
Charles Wiley & co
C. Wiley & co
John Wiley & sons
J. Wiley and sons
Wiley and Putnam
Wiley and sons
Wiley (Éditions)
Wiley. New York. John and Sons
Wiley & Putnam

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[Recueil. Catalogues d'éditeur]
A new social atlas of Britain
Atlas of world development
Wiley series on personality processes
Rodman E.Snead. Atlas of world physical features
Seminars in human reproduction
Wiley History of science series
A Wiley-interscience publication. Wiley series in behavior
Wiley-interscience series in discrete mathematics and optimization
Wiley series in numerical methods in engineering
Wiley series in parallel computing
The First one hundred and fifty years, a history of John Wiley and sons... 1807-1957. [Preface by Edward P. Hamilton and W. Bradford Wiley.]

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The Wiley engineer's desk reference
The Prodigal South returns to power
An Introduction to general systems thinking
A Wiley-Interscience publication
Wiley publication in psychology
Wiley publications in psychology
Wiley/IRM series on multinationals

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Education nation
Schools for all kinds of minds
Working with female offenders
Seven secrets of the savvy school leader
Teaching how to learn in a what-to-learn culture
Atlas of landforms. 2nd edition Department of Earth, Space and Graphic Sciences, United States Military Academy

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Lead generation
The atlas of states

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