Institutum carmelitanum. Rome

Country : Italie
Language : italien
Address : 10 via Sforza Pallavicini, Rome.

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Manuscripts in the Vatican library relating to the Carmelite order
Collationes mariales
Vacare Deo
Textus et studia historica carmelitana
Archivum historicum carmelitanum
Bibliotheca carmelitana manuscripta Series I

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The Carmelite rule, 1207-2007
A Litil tretys on the seven deadly sins, by Richard Lavynham,... Edited with an introduction, notes a glossarial index etc. from MS. Harley 211 in the British Museum, with variants from 13 other copies, by... J. P. W. M. Van Zutphen
La Congregazione mantovana dei Carmelitani sino alla morte del B. Battista Spagnoli, 1516.
Collectanea bibliographica carmelitana

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