Edwin Arnold (1832-1904)

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Country : Grande-Bretagne
Language : anglais
Gender : masculin
Birth : Gravesend, Kent, Angleterre, 10-06-1832
Death : Londres, 24-03-1904
Note :
Poète et orientaliste. - Journaliste et traducteur. - Principal, Government Deccan College, Poona, Maharashtra, Inde (1856-1861). - Rédacteur en chef, "Daily Telegraph", Londres
Variant of the name : Sir Edwin Arnold (1832-1904)
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 0898 6204

Activities of Edwin Arnold (1832-1904) (28)

Auteur du texte (18)

Lumière de l'Asie
La lumière de l'Asie
The Light of Asia of the Great renunciation (Mahâbhinishker Amana) being the life and teaching of Gantama, prince of India and founder of Buddism..., by sir Edwin Arnold
The Light of the world or the great consummation, by Sir Edwin Arnold...
The Light of Asia
La Lumière de l'Asie, le grand renoncement ("Mahabhinishkramana")...
La Lumière de l'Asie
East and West, being papers reprinted from the "Daily Telegraph" and other sources, by sir Edwin Arnold,...
Wandering Words, reprinted by permission from papers published in the "Daily Telegraph" and foreign journals and magazines, by sir Edwin Arnold,...
The Book of good counsels from the Sanskrit of the 'Hitopadeśa', by Sir Edwin Arnold,... With illustrations by Gordon Browne
Seas and Lands, reprinted by permission of the proprietors of the "Daily Telegraph", from letters published under the title "By Sea and Land" in that journal, by sir Edwin Arnold...
Die Leuchte Asiens, Erzählung eines indischen Birddhisten, von Edwin Arnold... Übertragung aus dem Englischen von Konrad Wernicke
Japonica, by sir Edwin Arnold,... with illustrations by Robert Blum
India revisited, by Edwin Arnold,... (Reprinted with additions descriptive and poetical, from the "Daily Telegraph".)
The Light of Asia. A cantata. The words from the poem, by Edwin Arnold
A simple transliteral Grammar of the Turkish language... with dialogues and vocabulary. By Edwin Arnold,...
The Poets of Greece, by Edwin Arnold,...
The Light of Asia, or the great renunciation (Mahâbhinishkramana), being the life and teaching of Gautama... by Sir Edwin Arnold

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The wonderful adventures of Phra the Phœnician
In my Indian garden

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La Lumière d'Asie

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