Griffith institute. Oxford, GB

Country : Grande-Bretagne
Language : anglais
Variants of the name : Ashmolean museum. Griffith institute. Oxford
Ashmolean museum. Griffith institute. Oxford, GB
Ashmolean museum. Griffith institute. Oxford, GB

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Sitting beside Lepsius
Votive offerings to Hathor
A Tale of Woe
The Kadesh inscriptions of Ramesses II
Egyptian administrative and private name seals
The Negative verbal system of late Egyptian
Non-verbal sentence patterns in late Egyptian
A Concise dictionary of Middle Egyptian
The cultures of prehistoric Egypt
Topographical bibliography of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic texts, reliefs, and paintings...
An Ancient Egyptian book of hours
Egyptian stelae in the Bankes collection, by Jaroslav Černý,...
A Corpus of inscribed Egyptian funerary cones 1
A Corpus of inscribed Egyptian funerary cones
Hieratic ostraca...
Private tombs at Thebes 1
Private tombs at Thebes
Five Ramesseum papyri
Literary fragments in the hieratic script
The Ramesseum papyri
Ashmolean museum Oxford
Oxford University excavation in Nubia

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Tutʿankhamūn's tomb series 6
Tutʿankhamūn's tomb series 5
Tutʿankhamūn's tomb series 3
Tutʿankhamūn's tomb series 2
Tutʿankhamūn's tomb series 1

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