Harold Henry Rowley (1890-1969)

Country : Grande-Bretagne
Language : anglais
Gender : masculin
Birth : Leicester, GB, 24-03-1890
Death : Cheltenham, GB, 04-10-1969
Note :
Professeur honoraire de langue et littérature hébraïques à l'université de Manchester
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 0935 1163

Activities of Harold Henry Rowley (1890-1969) (31)

Auteur du texte (19)

Histoire de la secte Qumranienne
Atlas de la Bible, histoire, géographie, chronologie. ["Student's Bible atlas". Traduction de Jacques Potin.]
H. H. Rowley. Atlas de la Bible. Géographie. Histoire. Choronologie
Dictionary of Bible personal names
Dictionary of Bible themes
Worship in ancient Israel
The Servant of the Lord, and other essays on the Old Testament. 2nd ed., rev.
From Moses to Qumran
Men of God
Sanballat et le temple samaritain
Prophecy and religion in Ancient China and Israel, by H. H. Rowley,...
The Faith of Israel, aspects of Old Testament thought, by H. H. Rowley. [Foreword by B. R. Lacy, Jr.]
The Zadokite fragments and the Dead Sea scrolls, by H. H. Rowley,...
From Joseph to Joshua
The Biblical doctrine of election
Atlas of the Early Christian World
Israel's sojourn in Egypt
The Aramaic of the Old Testament, a grammatical and lexical study of its relations with other early Aramaic dialects, by H. H. Rowley
The Relevance of the Bible

Éditeur scientifique (7)

Dictionary of the Bible
A Companion to the Bible
Dictionary of the Bible
Peake's Commentary on the Bible
Atlas of Mesopotamia, a survey of the history and civilisation of Mesopotamia from the stone age to the fall of Babylon,... Translated by D. R. Welsh... edited by H. H. Rowley,...
Eleven years of bible bibliography. The book lists of the Society for Old Testament Study. 1946-1956. Ed. : H. H. Rowley,...
The Old testament and modern study, a generation of discovery and research, essays... edited by H. H. Rowley

Préfacier (1)

Studies in the Gospels and Epistles. Edited by Matthew Black... Memoir of T. W. Manson by H. H. Rowley

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Atlas de la Bible

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