Richard Nelson Frye (1920-2014)

Country : États-Unis
Language : anglais
Gender : masculin
Birth : Birmingham, Ala., 10-01-1920
Death : Boston, Mass., 27-03-2014
Note :
Professeur à l'université d'Harvard (1948-1990)
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 0923 6608

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The heritage of Central Asia
Minorities in the history of the Near East
Otto Hellmut Wolfgang Lentz. 1900-1986 Mark Jan Dresden. 1911-1986
Two Iranian notes : The Pahlavi Alexander romance
The History of ancient Iran
The "Aramaic" inscription on the tomb of Darius
Islamic sources for the pre-islamic history of Central Asia
Islamic Iran and Central Asia
Mithra in Iranian archaeology
The Use of clay in Sasanian Iran
The Golden age of Persia
Sasanian seals and sealings
Sasanian numbers and silver weights
Gestures of deference to royalty in ancient Iran
Compte rendu de : H. Humbach. Baktrische Sprachdenkmäler
Sassanian clay sealings in the Baghdad Museum
Sassanian seal inscriptions
Sasanian clay sealings in the collection of Mohsen Foroughi
The Charisma of kingship in ancient Iran
The Heritage of Persia
Some early Iranian titles
Soviet historiography on the Islamic Orient
Historical material from Middle Persian inscriptions
Remarks on the paikuli and Sar Mašhad inscriptions
Notes on the history of Transoxiana
City chronicles of Central Asia and Khurasan : the Kitāb-e Mullāzāde
The History of Bukhara
Iran. Richard N. Frye,...
The Persian "Andarz nāme" of Kāyōs b. Iskander b. Qābūs b. Vushumgir
Notes on religion in Iran today
Ṭarxūn ~ Türxǖn and Central Asian history
The United States and Turkey and Iran
Report on a trip to Iran in the summer of 1948
History of the nation of the Archers (the Mongols), by Grigor of Akanc', hitherto ascribed to Mayak'ia, the Monk
The Andarz Nāme of Kāyůs b. Iskandar b. Kāpůs b. Vušmgīr. - [1]

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The Cambridge history of Iran 4
Neue Methodologie in der Iranistik
Sasanian remains from Qasr-i Abu Nasr
Seals and coins [1]. - 2
Dura-Europos [1]. - 1
Islam and the West
History of the Nation of the Archers the Mongols
The Near East and the great powers, with an introduction by Ralph Bunche. Edited by Richard N. Frye

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