Tennessee Valley authority

Country : États-Unis
Language : anglais
Creation : 18-05-1933
Commercial activities : Éditeur
Field : Administration publique
Variants of the name : Tennessee Valley authority. Chattanooga
Tennessee Valley authority. Knoxville, Tenn.

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Atlas of physical, economic and social resources of the lower Mekong basin
The Johnsonville steam plant
Surveying, mapping and related engineering...
T.V.A. 1950
The Valley is paying off. T.V.A. 1949
Food at the grass roots. The Nation's stake in soil minerals, 1947
Malaria control on impounded water. [Foreword by E. L. Bishop.]
TVA and the war. A message to employees at the end of the TVA's first year of war. David E. Lilienthal...
The T.V.A., a step toward decentralization, by David E. Lilienthal. An address before the University of California, Berkeley, Calif., November 29, 1940
The Widening of economic opportunity through T.V.A... [Adapted from an address by David E. Lilienthal at Columbia University, January 1940.]
County government and administration in the Tennessee valley States
Forests and human welfare, a story of the use of forests by man and of their influence upon control of water on the land, with special reference to the Tennessee Valley region ...
Soil map, Rhea county, Tennessee
Technical report
Tennessee Agricultural Experiment Station, Tennessee Valley Authority. Soil map. Grainger county, Tennessee
T.V.A., its work and accomplishments
Tennessee Agricultural Experiment Station. Tennessee Valley Authority. Soil map. Cumberland county, Tennessee
Soil map, Transylvania county, North Carolina
How cheap electricity pays its way
To keep the water in the rivers and the soil on the land
Soil map, Tazewell county, Virginia
Soil map, Smyth county, Virginia
Soil map, Marshall county, Kentucky
Soil map, Jackson county, North Carolina
Tennessee Agricultural Experiment Station
Report to the Congress on the unified development of the Tennessee River system... [By Arthur E. Morgan,... Harcourt A. Morgan,... David E. Lilienthal,...]

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Bristol, Tennesse - Virginia - Kentucky
Hogkinsville, Kentucky - Tennessee
Oak Ridge, Tennessee
Annual report of the ... for the fiscal year
Annual report of the Tennessee valley authority

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Bristol, Tennesse - Virginia - Kentucky
Morristown, Tennessee
Tullahoma, Tennessee
Haleyville, Alabama
Pikeville, Ky - Va.

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Dyersburg, Tenn[essee] - Mo - [Kentucky] - Ark[ansas]
Cookeville, Tennessee
Cleveland, Tennessee - North Carolina
Mc Minnville, Tennessee
Johnson City, Tennessee - North Carolina

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Bristol, Tennesse - Virginia - Kentucky
Tullahoma, Tennessee

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White collar radicals
Power plays
TVA and the grass roots
La Vallée du miracle

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