George Abraham Grierson (1851-1941)

Country : Grande-Bretagne
Language : anglais
Gender : masculin
Birth : Glanageary, County Dublin, Irlande, 07-01-1851
Death : Rathfarnham, GB, 07-03-1941
Note :
Philologue, sanskritiste. - Membre, Indian Civil Service (en 1871) au Bengale (en 1873) puis au Bihar. - Superintendent, Linguistic Survey of India (1898-1928)
Variant of the name : George Grierson (1851-1941)
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 2102 2346

Activities of George Abraham Grierson (1851-1941) (263)

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A dictionary of the Kāshmīrī language
Bihar peasant life
The Ethnology, languages, literature and religion of India
A Bibliography of Western Hindi, including Hindostani
The Birth of Lōrik
The Language of the Mahānaya-prakāśa, an examination of Kāshmīrī as written in the 15th century, by... George A. Grierson,...
Linguistic survey of India. Vol. I, Part I. Introductory... [- Part II. Comparative vocabulary.] By... George Abraham Grierson,...
Bihar peasant life
The Lay of Brahma's marriage : an episode of the Alh-Khand
Gipsy languages, compiled and edited by Sir George Abraham Grierson,...
Specimens of languages of the Eranian family
Specimens of languages of Eranian family
The Date of Umapati
Linguistic Survey of India... by George Abraham Grierson,...
The Māgadha pura of Mahābhārata
A dictionary of the Kāshmīrī language, compiled, partly from materials left by the late Paṇḍita Īśvara Kaula
Duryodhana and the Queen of Sheba
Nasa = lintel
Étymologies tokhariennes, par M. G. A. Grierson
Progress report of the Linguistic survey of India up to the end of the year 1911
The Kambojas
Tengalai and Vadagalai
Note on Dr. Sten Konow's article on Bashgali
A Case of Hindu syncretism
The Birthplace of Bhakti
Gleanings from the Bhakta-mala
Abhinava-gupta in modern Kashmir
Vasudeva of Panini IV, iii, 98
Gleanings from the Bhakta-mala
Vasudeva of Panini IV, iii, 98
Folk-etymology and its consequences
A folk-tale parallel
Gleanings from the Bhakta-mala
Gōvinda, Gōpēndra, Upēndra
The Modern Hindu doctrine of works
Kṛṣṇa-datta Miśra, Kēśava-dasa, and the Prabōdhacandrōdaya
Robert Atkinson [1839-1908]
The Piśāca languages of North-Western India, by George Abraham Grierson,...
Linguistic survey of India,... compiled and edited by G. A. Grierson,...
Essays on Kāçmīrī grammar, by George A. Grierson,...
Curiosities of Indian literature
On the conditions of Aśōka inscriptions in India
The modern vernacular literature of Hindustan
A Comparative dictionary of the Bihārī language, compiled by A. F. Rudolf Hoernle,... and George A. Grierson,...
Seven grammars of the dialects and subdialects of the Bihárí language, spoken in the province of Bihár, in the Eastern portion of the North-Western provinces, and in the Northern portion of the central provinces,... by George A. Grierson,...
A Handbook to the Kayathi character, by George A. Grierson,...
An introduction to the Maithilí language of North Bihár, containing a grammar, chrestomathy and vocabulary

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Hatim's tales
The Test of a man, being the "Purusha-Parîkshâ" of Vidyâpati Ṭhakkura, translated into English by Sir George A. Grierson,...
A Grammar of the Chhattisgarhi dialect of eastern Hindi, originally written in Hindi by Hira Lal Kavyopadhyana, and translated by George A. Grierson...
The Pārijāta-Haraṇa of Umāpati Upādhyāya
The Pārijāta-haraṇa of Umāpati Upādhyāya
The Padumāwati

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Linguistre Survey of India

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