Femmes et littérature

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Littérature générale
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Littérature et femmes

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Women writing around the world

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Les parleuses
Les parleuses

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Women's writing of the First world war
Female performers in British and American fiction
Foreign women authors under fascism and Francoism
Mythological narratives
The history of British women's writing, 1830-1880
Histoires de folles
Editing women's writing, 1670-1840
Middlebrow matters
Fictions of Western American domesticity
De l'amour et de l'audace
Women, writing, and travel in the eighteenth century
A history of modern Irish women's literature
Women's periodicals and print culture in Britain, 1918-1939
Women's periodicals and print culture in Britain, 1690-1820s
French feminisms 1975 and after
Eheprobleme im griechischen Drama
Écrire et penser le genre en contextes postcoloniaux
The epistolary muse
Autoras inciertas
Women's literary networks and Romanticism
British women short story writers
Othea's letter to Hector
Kadınlığım, yazarlığım, yurdum
Las escritoras y la historia de América Latina
Une troisième vague féministe et littéraire
Mujeres de palabra
Secrets of Pinar's game
Visuality in the novels of Austen, Radcliffe, Edgeworth and Burney
Women and gift exchange in eighteenth-century fiction
Silly lady novelists ?
Niesytość pragnienia
Not just Jane
African women writers and the politics of gender
Feliciana Enriquez de Guzmán, Ana Caro Mallén, and Sor Marcela de San Félix
Emerging South Asian women writers
The history of British women's writing, 1880-1920
Rondando la pluma y la palabra
Ensayar un mundo nuevo
Reading medieval European women writers
Southwestern women writers and the vision of goodness
Disrupted idylls
The New Woman gothic
Mujeres sefardíes lectoras y escritoras, siglos XIX-XXI
A history of twentieth-century American women's poetry
Mitos de la sabiduría femenina entre tradición y subversión
Eccentricity and sameness
Female subjectivities in African literature
Scrittrice o scrittore ?
A room of one's own
Women, work and the Victorian periodical
Mujer y literatura femenina en la América virreinal
Amado Nervo y las lectoras del modernismo
Bluestockings now !
The Cambridge companion to women's writing in Britain, 1660-1789
La petite soeur de Balzac
Guardar la casa y cerrar la boca
Women and Shakespeare in the eighteenth century
Ritratti di donne
From innocence to experience
Arguments with silence
Panic fiction
Staging women and the soul-body dynamic in early modern England
Material cultures of early modern women's writing
Elizabeth Bowen and the writing of trauma
Āliyyāt taʿāṭī al-adab al-nisāʾī maʿa qaḍāyā al-muǧtamaʿāt al-ʿarabiyyaẗ
The correspondence of Sarah Helen Whitman and Julia Deane Freeman
Winds of will
Anichneúontas tīn "aóratī" grafī́
Domestic fiction in colonial Australia and New Zealand
De Marie de l'Incarnation à Nelly Arcan
Dones i literatura
Women's writing in Middle English
The becoming of the body
La "guerra amorosa"
Gender in Italy
The Brontë sisters in other wor(l)ds
Aventures et expériences littéraires
Women in translation
The dynamics of gender in early modern France
Imagining women readers, 1789-1820
Private and fictional words
Thy truth then be thy dowry
Toward a female genealogy of transcendentalism
American hybrid poetics
Italian women writers
Female transgression in early modern Britain
Women's fiction
Close kin and distant relatives
Women and Tudor tragedy
Victorian women and the economies of travel, translation and culture, 1830-1870
Feminist theory across disciplines
Unreliable truths
Curious subjects
The history of British women's writing, 1920-1945
Margaret Atwood
La narrazione delle donne
Bicultural bodies
Economic women
"No other but a woman's reason"
Women, gender, and print culture in eighteenth-century Britain
Women and the literary world in early modern China, 1580-1700
Political ideas of enlightenment women
Unbounded attachment
South by Southwest
African pasts, presents, and futures
Anglophone Indian women writers, 1870-1920
Re-writing women into Canadian history
Racial, ethnic, gender and class representations in Margaret Laurence's writings
Good girls, good Germans
Women's writing in twenty-first-century France
Romancing the self in early modern Englishwomen's life writing
Ecocriticism and women writers
Interventions autobiographiques des femmes du Maghreb
Critical perspectives on Indo-Caribbean women's literature
The Male Empire under the female gaze
Producing women's poetry, 1600-1730
Anatomía de una seducción
Reading Olympe de Gouges
Weibliche Religiosität - weibliches Erzählen
The history of British women's writing, 700-1500
Law and the Brontës
Giving women
The celebrated Hannah Cowley
The family, marriage, and radicalism in British women's novels of the 1790s
Emergent writing methodologies in feminist studies
The regions of Sara Coleridge's thought
Murdering Miss Marple
Les mots sont mes armes
Emerging perspectives on Yvonne Vera
Women writers and the artifacts of celebrity in the long nineteenth century
Early modern women's writing and the rhetoric of modesty
Quella difficile identità
Di silenzio e d'ombra
No son batallas lo que quiero contar
Femmes, rhétorique et éloquence sous l'Ancien régime
Women, popular culture, and the eighteenth century
The Cambridge history of American women's literature
Women and Malay voices
National and female identity in Canadian literature, 1965-1980
Painting, literature, and film in Colombian feminine culture, 1940-2005
Las trampas de la emancipación
Shakespeare and Victorian women
Nosaʿat raḥwq
Transatlantic feminisms in the age of revolutions
Poet heroines in medieval French narrative
Dones i literatura
Femme et littérature populaire
Women reading Shakespeare, 1660-1900
The Woman in Latin American and Spanish Literature
Privati tyla
A poetics of relation
Feminist ecocriticism
The ends of history
Cherchez la femme
The history of British women's writing, 1610-1690
"La novela rosa"
Para Emilio Palacios Fernández
Irish women writers
The nineteenth-century sensation novel
Francophone women writers
Readers, writers, salonnières
Da lu dang dai nü xing xiao shuo yan jiu
Wits and wives
L'alieno dentro
Translating women
Modernism and the women's popular romance in Britain, 1885-1925
Antebellum American women writers and the road
Stuart women playwrights, 1613-1713
The queen's library
Print, visuality, and gender in eighteenth-century satire
Women, literature, and the domesticated landscape
Antigone's daughters
Women and Western American literature
Canadian women in print, 1750-1918
República das mulheres
Still crazy after all these years
The history of British women's writing, 1690-1750
Corpus linguistics in literary analysis
Representations of gender and female subjectivity in contemporary Irish drama by women
Thinking poetry
Pink pirates
The Cambridge companion to modernist women writers
Pensar la escritura
Women writing back - writing women back
"The inside light"
Woman to woman
El malestar
Mujeres y libros
Creation, publishing, and criticism
Women, writing, and language in early modern Ireland
Women writers and the dark side of late Victorian Hellenism
The female Homer
Between literature and history
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